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10 YouTube Channels That Teach You About Blockchain

by Abigail Bautista

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be complex and overwhelming for many. However, there are YouTube channels that specialize in making these topics approachable and fascinating for all. These channels provide a wealth of information, from beginner’s instructions to in-depth discussions on the latest blockchain advancements. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, here are 10 YouTube channels that can teach you about blockchain:

1. Block Geeks: BlockGeeks is a YouTube channel focused on blockchain education. They aim to demystify the complicated world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The channel provides basic introductions as well as in-depth talks on the latest blockchain advancements. They also have additional guides, information, and videos on their website to help spread understanding about Blockchain technology.

2. Blockchain WTF: Blockchain WTF is dedicated to making blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. They publish easy blockchain instructions every Monday and explore the potential uses of blockchain beyond currency. The channel delves into topics like voting, ownership tracking, and more. Blockchain WTF is an excellent resource for understanding the complexities of blockchain technology.

3. Blockchain at Berkeley: As the name suggests, Blockchain at Berkeley offers structured, classroom-style lectures on blockchain-related topics. The channel features content curated by Berkeley University academics, alumni, and students. It provides in-depth instruction on blockchain concepts and cryptocurrency, making it a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about blockchain.

4. Crypto Daily: Crypto Daily offers daily updates, expert analysis, and intelligent commentary on the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency. The channel explores the origins of Bitcoin, the impact of traditional finance on cryptocurrencies, and the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency sector. Regardless of your level of knowledge, Crypto Daily is an excellent resource for keeping up with the world of cryptocurrency.

5. CryptosRUs: CryptosRUs is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and market news. The channel provides industry updates, breaking news, and analytics. With live feeds of crypto news every day, CryptosRUs is a valuable resource for anyone curious about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, mining, wallets, and exchanges.

6. Crypto Love: Crypto Love focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. Managed by a Certified Blockchain Expert, the channel offers regular videos, live streaming, and reviews of various cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. It also provides insights on scams and impersonators. With its light-hearted approach, Crypto Love is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, mining, wallets, and exchanges.

7. Crypto Coin News: Crypto Coin News covers cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news, trends, and commentary. Hosted by Matthew Beasley, a former Wall Street trader and crypto enthusiast, the channel offers interviews with experts, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Matthew also shares his observations and opinions on a variety of topics, providing valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrency.

8. DataDash: DataDash is a one-stop shop for everything related to cryptocurrency and financial markets. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including Bitcoin updates, potential risks, news, analysis, and comparisons. DataDash also ventures outside of the cryptocurrency industry with videos on stock market trends, political shifts, and finance. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and financial markets.

9. IBM Blockchain: The in-house blockchain development team at IBM runs the Blockchain YouTube channel. The channel features a training series on the IBM Blockchain Platform, providing an overview of the platform’s features and demonstrating how to set it up in IBM Cloud. It also offers tutorials on building a component infrastructure for transacting on a blockchain network. This channel is particularly useful for those interested in IBM’s approach to blockchain technology.

10. Ivan on Tech: Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The channel offers a variety of content, from short clips to hour-long interviews and tutorials. Topics discussed include cryptocurrency hacks, plans for crypto laws, and estimations of Bitcoin’s future value. Ivan on Tech provides insightful and educational comments on the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

These YouTube channels are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re a beginner or well-versed in the subject, these channels offer comprehensive and engaging content that can enhance your understanding of this rapidly evolving field. So why not dive in and start exploring the world of blockchain through these educational videos?

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