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A Web3 Game with NFT Integration

by Melai Briones

Line Next, a division of an Asian messaging firm, has recently announced the launch of its second Web3 game, called “Sweet Monster Guardians,” on its gaming platform called Game Dosi. This unique game incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its gameplay, taking inspiration from the popular South Korean character brand, Sweet Monster. While the game aims to captivate global audiences, it will not be available in South Korea, Japan, and China, as part of its international release strategy.

Line Next is committed to the development and expansion of the NFT ecosystem. This latest release highlights the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming and NFT integration.

“Sweet Monster Guardians” is a web-based strategic defense game that offers players the convenience of playing directly on both PCs and mobile devices, eliminating the need for a separate client download. The game seamlessly combines NFTs with the existing mobile game featuring Sweet Monster, a highly successful Korean character brand known for its character licensing and dessert franchise ventures.

Within the whimsical universe of “Sweet Monster Guardians,” players take on the roles of Sweet Monsters, messengers of joy, who unite to protect their town from unforeseen challenges. Players have various gameplay options, including deploying character cards for enemy attacks, merging identical cards to enhance skills, and engaging in real-time battles with other players through multiplayer mode.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Line Next is offering incentives to existing Sweet Monster NFT holders in the form of in-game items. Players can link their acquired NFTs to their in-game profiles, gaining additional power and advantages. NFTs unique to “Sweet Monster Guardians” will be available for purchase starting on October 6 through the Game Dosi platform.

In addition to “Sweet Monster Guardians,” Line Next has initiated an alpha test for its first in-house title, part of the Project GD IP. This alpha test, running until October 19, features a trading card game where players collect digital cards and engage in one-on-one matches against opponents. During the alpha test, holders of Game Dosi Membership NFTs will receive complimentary NFTs that can be used for in-game items. Additionally, users who report game bugs will be rewarded with NFTs as a token of appreciation for their contributions.

Line Next sees great potential for expansion within the Web3 gaming space and plans to launch a diverse array of games in the near future. The company envisions Game Dosi as a game-centric platform that not only allows users to enjoy Web3 games but also fosters a vibrant community where users can freely own and trade digital assets.

Line Next comprises two entities: Line Next Corporation, based in South Korea, focuses on global NFT platform strategy and planning, while Line Next Inc., based in the United States, concentrates on the development and operation of a non-fungible token (NFT) platform business. This latest release showcases the collaborative efforts of Line Next, bridging the gap between Korea and the United States in the realm of NFTs and innovative gaming.

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