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All eyes on London as it catapults mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technology during London Web3 Week

by Abigail Bautista

London is gearing up to become a global hub for crypto and blockchain innovation, with various events taking place during Web3 week in October. Zebu Live 2023, CCData’s CCDAS, and the CryptoAM Summit and Awards will bring together influential figures in the digital asset space to discuss the future of Web3 and AI adoption.

The UK has been making strides in the crypto industry, with calls for progressive legislation and clarity on governance. The US has faced criticism for its lack of distinction between regulations for traditional financial entities and crypto, leading to legal action for alleged breaches. Coinbase, a leading player in the space, will be sending its UK Country Director, Elke Karskens, to discuss the importance of classification of crypto assets.

The European Union’s Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regime has also faced criticism for enforcing a clearly defined ownership structure. However, with the support of the domestic government and a growing number of Web3 startups, the UK is in a perfect position to claim the title of a global hub for crypto asset technology and investment.

In addition to discussing regulation, the conference will focus on making trading more accessible through the development of innovative products and the move to Layer2. Companies like Coinbase, Bitget, Blockchain.com, and Archax are investing heavily in new tools to simplify the user experience and enable institutional adoption of crypto.

The event will also explore the intersection of Web2 and Web3 banking, with MELD, a Web3 banking stack, leading the way in creating a seamless transition between traditional currency and crypto. Institutional adoption is being accelerated by companies like Zodia Custody, which offers various custody services.

The gaming industry will also be in the spotlight, as the adoption of on-chain technology is met with increased funding. With an on-chain future, the gaming industry is projected to be worth $65 billion by 2027. Companies like Animoca, Playember, and The Cryptoverse will discuss how this future will revolutionize user experience.

Overall, London is positioning itself as a global example for how Web3 can deliver on its promises of self-sovereignty in finance and data ownership. By collaborating with government and regulatory bodies, the UK aims to clarify regulations and solidify its position as a leader in the Web3 space.

To join in on the conversation, tickets for Zebu Live are available starting at £199. The event promises to be a gathering of the biggest brands and players in the Web3 industry, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.

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