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‘All the Crypto Cowboys Are Going to Be Gone Soon’

by Harry Garcia

Crypto Cowboys and the Future of the Industry: Kevin O’Leary’s Perspective

In a recent interview on CoinDesk TV, Kevin O’Leary, the renowned Canadian businessman and television personality, shared his thoughts on the future of the cryptocurrency industry. O’Leary predicted that the “crypto cowboys” who were the founders of this industry would soon be gone, stating, “They all have arrows in their backs.” While this may sound pessimistic, O’Leary remains optimistic about the potential of crypto. However, he has one crucial condition when it comes to getting involved with any cryptocurrency exchange – it must be 100% compliant.

Despite the influx of new cryptocurrencies and exchanges, O’Leary urged caution and stressed the importance of compliance. He believes that cryptocurrency still holds promise, but the industry must adhere to existing regulations to foster stability and trust. O’Leary likened investing in cryptocurrencies to venture capital, where eight out of ten ventures fail. The key is to identify the remaining two, which have the potential to thrive.

In Michael Lewis’s new book, “Going Infinite,” a controversial revelation suggests that O’Leary was paid $15.7 million by FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, for a minimal amount of work and exposure. This payment elicited criticism within FTX, even from its former chief operating officer, Constance Wang, who questioned the value of O’Leary as a spokesperson for the exchange. Nevertheless, O’Leary’s ability to attract a significant following on social media was cited as a driving factor behind his relevance. This highlights the paradoxical nature of investing as a social network, where popularity and influence can shape investment decisions.

During a separate appearance on Fox Business Network, O’Leary praised M2, a cryptocurrency exchange, for being compliant, backed, and stable. These remarks caught the attention of M2, and they shared the clip from their own account on social media, further amplifying O’Leary’s endorsement. Despite his positive comments, O’Leary clarified that he has not been invited to invest in the exchange and is not being compensated by them.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time O’Leary has been associated with the cryptocurrency industry. Last year, he appeared in a commercial for Abu Dhabi Global Market, an international financial center in the United Arab Emirates, emphasizing the thriving ambitions of Abu Dhabi.

O’Leary’s insights offer a unique perspective on the future of the cryptocurrency industry. While he acknowledges the challenges and risks that come with investing in this space, he remains hopeful about its potential. However, his emphasis on compliance underscores the importance of accountability and regulation within the industry. As crypto continues to evolve, it will be crucial for both investors and industry players to navigate the changing landscape responsibly.

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