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ANVI selects Reltime to bring Web3 Mobile Financial Services to hundreds of millions of users

by Sophie Smith

ANVI, India’s AI-powered digital alternate bank and P2P payment platform, has recently entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Reltime, a global Web 3.0 and Layer 1 Blockchain platform. This collaboration is set to revolutionize P2P financial services in India, making them more efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

ANVI has been at the forefront of providing digital banking services to the unbanked and underbanked population in India. With over 220 million users and 350,000 retailers onboarded over the past decade, ANVI is now taking a giant leap forward by integrating the latest generation of Web3 and Blockchain technology into its core infrastructure.

The partnership with Reltime will enable ANVI to modernize its back-end infrastructure, making it more flexible and secure. This collaboration is expected to open up a whole new world of possibilities for over 220 million users, as they gain access to Web 3.0-powered digital and mobile financial services.

Marlene Julo, Co-founder and Chief of the Board at Reltime, highlighted the uniqueness of their platform, which provides a wide range of financial and digital services. These include eKYC, SuperApp, P2P payments, QR code payment, and support for digital and fiat currencies. Through this partnership, these services will be seamlessly integrated into ANVI’s platform, providing empowerment and unprecedented economic opportunities for millions of users.

Ash Verma, Co-founder and CEO of ANVI, emphasized the collaboration’s significance beyond technology excellence and innovation. By integrating Reltime’s Web3 platform into ANVI’s architecture, the partnership will bring unparalleled trust, security, transparency, and cost-effectiveness to ANVI’s vast user base. This scalable and future-proof platform will enable ANVI to launch new services such as cross-border remittances and lending, benefitting the unbanked, underbanked, and the growing middle class in India.

As India stands on the cusp of a technological renaissance, the Reltime and ANVI alliance heralds a bright future filled with endless possibilities. Together, they aim to guide the nation and its global diaspora into a new era of digitization, financial inclusion, and economic growth.

About Reltime:
Reltime is leading the revolution in the financial and digital services industry with its advanced Web3 platform. The platform includes non-custodian wallets, SuperApp, payment solutions, lending services, loyalty programs, QR codes, CBDCs and digital fiats, and utility tokens. With its decentralized identity and Layer-1 Proof of Authority Blockchain, Reltime is driving the next generation of digitization in supply chain management, tokenization, asset ownership, and global trade.

About ANVI:
ANVI is building a comprehensive financial and commercial ecosystem to provide affordable credit, free banking services, and discounted purchases for the unbanked and underbanked population in India. With over 220 million customers and a network of 350,000+ retailers, ANVI offers mobile wallet platforms and basic financial services. Combining the power of AI with innovative financial services, ANVI aims to revolutionize banking for India’s unbanked and underbanked, while promoting financial inclusion.

As the Reltime and ANVI alliance sets the stage for a technologically advanced and inclusive financial landscape in India, it is clear that their partnership will have a far-reaching impact. With their shared vision and expertise, they are paving the way for a more connected, efficient, and accessible future for millions of people.

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