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Aptos releases domain name renewal process, and prices | CryptoTvplus

by Abigail Bautista

Aptos Launches Domain Name Renewal Service for Users’ Digital Identity Ownership

Aptos, the layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform founded by former Facebook Diem engineers, has recently announced the launch of its domain name renewal service. This service is considered a crucial step in ensuring users maintain ownership of their digital identity.

Traditionally, domain name services have been centralized. However, with the rise of Web3 domain name services, there has been a significant shift towards decentralization and censorship resistance. Web3 domain name services leverage blockchain technology to provide users with personalized and manageable domains, also known as NFT, crypto, and blockchain domains.

Some prominent Web3 domain name services include Unstoppable Domains, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Freename.io, and Web3 Name Service. These services offer distinct advantages and serve various purposes such as facilitating secure login to the decentralized web, constructing digital identities, accepting payments, and building Web3 websites.

Aptos’ domain name renewal service is designed to provide users with automated renewal options. Users who registered their domain names before March 6, 2023, will be eligible for an extra one-year renewal. However, it is important to note that if a domain name is listed for sale on an NFT marketplace, it will not be visible in the “Renewal Promotion Page” view. To take advantage of the free renewal offer, users must first remove the domain name from the NFT marketplace.

Aptos has also detailed the pricing for renewals. The renewal cost for domain names with 3, 4, 5, and 6 characters will be 20 APT, 10 APT, 5 APT, and 1 APT, respectively. To give users ample time, Aptos has implemented a 30-day grace period, allowing them to renew their domain names within 30 days from the day of expiration.

The launch of Aptos’ domain name renewal service highlights the advancements in blockchain technology and its impact on users’ online presence. With the ability to maintain control over their digital assets, users can explore new dimensions of their online identity while ensuring the security and stability of their domain names.

In conclusion, Aptos’ domain name renewal service is a significant development in the Web3 domain name services ecosystem. With its robust blockchain technology and commitment to ensuring users’ ownership of their digital identity, Aptos is providing a valuable solution for individuals and businesses looking to maintain control over their domain names in the decentralized web.

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