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Art gallery in Dubai to educate artists on NFTs, Web3

by Sophie Smith

The 37xDubai art gallery, set to open later this month, aims to provide education on nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the broader Web3 ecosystem to artists and art enthusiasts. The gallery, located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), will host workshops to help people understand NFTs and their potential in the art world.

Cointelegraph recently had a conversation with Danilo Carlucci, the founder of investment firm Morningstar Ventures and 37xDubai. Carlucci discussed the goals of the art gallery and explained why the project is venturing into NFTs and Web3, despite the current conditions of the market.

Carlucci described the gallery as an effort to bridge the gap between art and technology. As a more traditional venture capital fund, Morningstar Ventures sees the art gallery as a way to diversify into the creative digital art and NFT space. Carlucci emphasized that the gallery not only sells curated NFTs but also educates visitors about what NFTs are.

In addition to displaying NFTs, 37xDubai is using NFTs inspired by its Tree of Life art installation as membership tokens. Carlucci also mentioned that the gallery will support events and workshops related to the adoption of Web3 technology, with the help of advisers from Binance NFT and Binance Charity.

When asked about diving into NFTs despite the current market sentiment, Carlucci expressed his belief in the technology. He explained that the NFTs showcased in the gallery serve a different purpose compared to those created by tech companies. The artists involved are primarily driven by creativity and use blockchain technology for authentication, among other purposes.

The 37xDubai art gallery aims to be a space where art and technology converge. By showcasing NFTs and providing education on the topic, the gallery hopes to contribute to the growth and understanding of the digital art and NFT space in Dubai and beyond.

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