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Banxa and Animoca Brands To Provide Seamless NFT

by Melai Briones

Banxa, the leading payments infrastructure provider for the crypto-compatible economy, has partnered with Animoca Brands and AFL Mint to streamline the digital collectible purchasing process for Australian Football League (AFL) fans. The integration of Banxa’s NFT Checkout and on/off ramp will enhance accessibility within the AFL Mint Marketplace, allowing anyone with a bank card to easily collect digital video moments featuring their favorite players and teams.

By integrating Banxa’s infrastructure, Animoca Brands aims to create a seamless user experience for AFL fans, simplifying the purchase procedure and improving conversion rates and transaction speed. Banxa’s payment solutions, including locally tailored methods such as PayID, credit cards, and Apple and Google Pay, will enhance accessibility for fans in Australia and foster greater involvement in the digital landscape.

Jordan Fogarty, CEO at Animoca Brands, stated that Banxa’s seamless transaction capabilities align with their mission to reshape the digital transactions landscape and drive innovation in the Web3 space.

Banxa’s NFT Checkout is known for its wide array of payment options, zero fraud chargebacks, and compliance with regulations. This partnership with AFL Mint is part of a broader range of digital experiences for AFL fans.

In celebration of the postseason, AFL is offering fans the opportunity to claim a free collectors edition Team Badge when signing up to AFL Mint. These badges allow fans to show their support for their favorite teams online and will be theirs to keep and treasure.

Banxa is the leading infrastructure provider for embedded crypto, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate crypto into their platforms. Through its network of global and local payment solutions, Banxa helps businesses provide a smooth integration of crypto and fiat for global audiences with lower fees and higher conversion rates.

Animoca Brands is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. The company develops and publishes a wide range of products and has multiple subsidiaries working towards advancing digital property rights and contributing to the establishment of the open metaverse.

Overall, the integration of Banxa’s payment solutions into AFL Mint Marketplace will enhance accessibility and streamline the digital collectible purchasing process for AFL fans, fostering greater engagement and involvement within the digital landscape.

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