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“Bye Bye” to Bitcoin? Robert Kiyosaki Weighs In on Citibank’s Blockchain Initiative

by Abigail Bautista

The Future of Bitcoin and the US Dollar: Insights from Robert Kiyosaki

Renowned author and financial literacy advocate, Robert Kiyosaki, recently sparked a spirited debate in the cryptocurrency sphere with his remarks on the future of Bitcoin and the US dollar. Kiyosaki, best known for his best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” shared his thoughts on the social media platform X in response to Citibank’s recent venture into blockchain technology.

Citibank, a subsidiary of the global financial services corporation Citigroup Inc., unveiled its Citi Token Services on September 18. This new business solution utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate instant cross-border transactions by tokenizing customer deposits. Understanding the potential ripple effects of Citibank’s move, Kiyosaki pondered on the future of Bitcoin and the US dollar.

“Citibank announced today it is offering bank blockchain technology to turn institutional savings into Citibank tokens which can be used for instantaneous 24/7 cross border transactions. Bye bye BC & US $?” he stated.

Citibank’s foray into blockchain technology signifies a crucial leap towards advancing payment processing by incorporating smart contracts. By transforming customer deposits into digital tokens via a private blockchain, the bank will provide around-the-clock transaction banking services to its institutional clients.

Kiyosaki’s question about a potential competition between Bitcoin and Citibank’s token has caught the attention of industry experts. While some believe this development could be beneficial for Bitcoin and encourage wider adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, others argue that Bitcoin’s unique value proposition remains untouched. Robert J. Salvador, the CEO of DigiBuild, noted that Bitcoin continues to be a swift and convenient mode of payment.

Kiyosaki’s views on Bitcoin have been clear and consistent. He perceives Bitcoin as “digital gold,” aligning it with its tangible counterparts, gold and silver. He has often emphasized the significance of these assets, dubbing Bitcoin the “people’s money,” while referring to gold and silver as “God’s money.” Earlier this year, Kiyosaki even made a bold price prediction that Bitcoin would skyrocket to $100,000.

The adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream financial institutions like Citigroup also raises questions about the disruption of traditional business models and the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain’s potential to significantly disrupt traditional financial business models is undeniable. Intermediaries such as banks, who act as gatekeepers in financial transactions, could face diminishing relevance as peer-to-peer transactions become more prevalent. Additionally, the adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream financial institutions lends credibility to the technology and associated cryptocurrencies.

While Kiyosaki’s recent comments have sparked a discussion, it also underscores the increasing interest and acceptance of blockchain technology by mainstream financial institutions. As Citibank’s move signifies, the intersection of traditional banking and blockchain could potentially shape the future of finance. However, the impact of such developments on Bitcoin’s future remains uncertain. Time will tell how these dynamics play out in the cryptocurrency and financial landscape.

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