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CATIE and SCA Costa Rica partner to launch NFT collection

by Melai Briones

The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre (CATIE) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica (SCACR) have joined forces with non-fungible token (NFT) distribution company BIOCENFT to launch a unique collection of NFTs inspired by CATIE’s coffee varieties. This collaboration aims to raise funds for the research, conservation, and promotion of CATIE’s International Coffee Collection, which is recognized as the fourth largest collection of its kind worldwide. Additionally, the funds will support the operations and financing of CATIE’s Genetic Improvement Department and SCACR.

BIOCENFT CEO Walter Aguilar expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to CATIE’s International Coffee Collection and the Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica. BIOCENFT’s mission is to facilitate fundraising for organizations or projects related to biodiversity protection and conservation, making this collaboration a perfect fit.

The collection consists of 12 NFTs that take inspiration from CATIE’s coffee varieties, including the Geisha, Wush-Wush, Mibirizi, Java, Rume Sudan, ET-47, SL-28, SL-34, Centroamericano, Milenio, Esperanza, and Casiopea varieties. By purchasing these NFTs, coffee and NFT enthusiasts alike can contribute to the preservation of coffee’s genetic diversity.

CATIE’s International Coffee Collection is an important resource for the conservation of coffee genetic resources. It is one of only four collections worldwide that safeguard the widest range of coffee’s genetic diversity, as outlined in the Global Strategy for Conservation of Coffee Genetic Resources. The proceeds from the NFT sales will undoubtedly aid in the preservation and continued research of coffee varieties.

Noelia Villalobos, the Executive Director of SCACR, views this collaboration as an opportunity for coffee and NFT enthusiasts to make a meaningful contribution. The association’s objective is to promote Costa Rican coffee internationally and increase its positioning in the global market. SCACR aims to identify niche markets that are interested in purchasing and consuming Costa Rican coffees with special characteristics. Additionally, they focus on the maintenance, research, and improvement of coffee varieties, especially in light of climate change, diseases, and other factors affecting the coffee industry.

The NFTs are available in three editions: Gold, Silver, and Standard. The investment for these unique digital assets ranges from US$20 to US$12,000, giving potential buyers various options to support the cause according to their budget and preferences.

If you are interested in participating in this campaign and purchasing one of these exclusive NFTs, you can find the sale and purchase information on BIOCENFT’s website.

By merging the worlds of coffee and NFTs, CATIE, SCACR, and BIOCENFT are harnessing the power of technology and digital assets to contribute to the conservation of coffee’s genetic diversity. This collaboration not only benefits the coffee industry but also promotes the importance of biodiversity protection and conservation. It is an innovative approach that engages both coffee enthusiasts and NFT collectors, ensuring the long-term sustainability of coffee cultivation and appreciation for its cultural and economic value.

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