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Chappyz Announces Highly Anticipated NFT Mint Launch on October 24, 2023

by Melai Briones

Chappyz NFT Revolutionizes the Minting Experience

London, United Kingdom, 17th October 2023 – Chappyz NFT is set to make waves in the NFT ecosystem with its highly anticipated mint event scheduled for October 24, 2023. This AI-powered Rewards NFT is expected to bring a new level of engagement, earnings, and exclusive rewards to the world of NFTs.

Chappyz NFT Mint offers participants, affectionately known as Chapperz, an exciting and immersive journey where they can mint and reveal unique rarities and rewards instantly. Unlike traditional minting experiences, Chappyz NFT Mint provides an instant reveal feature, allowing Chapperz to mint and unveil their unique tokens and rewards in real-time.

What sets Chappyz apart from other NFT projects is the range of extraordinary benefits it offers to NFT holders. Chapperz can enjoy exclusive access to airdrops, active participation in community campaigns, the opportunity to stake NFTs for amplified $CHAPZ rewards, and even a share of the revenue generated within the Chappyz ecosystem. This unique combination of benefits makes Chappyz NFT a truly rewarding and dynamic experience for its holders.

Chappyz introduces six alluring characters, each embedded with token rewards that evolve alongside the flourishing Chappyz community. These characters offer a host of benefits for NFT holders, including access to airdrops, eligibility for community campaigns, enhanced $CHAPZ rewards through staking NFTs, and a share of the revenue generated across the Chappyz ecosystem.

The minting experience itself is enhanced by the rarity spectrum, which includes seven diverse rarities. Each rarity contains enigmatic prize tickets that can translate into real-world prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the minting process.

Daniel Pal, Founder and CEO of Chappyz, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil Chappyz NFT to the world. This project combines cutting-edge technology and digital art, providing NFT enthusiasts with an unmatched opportunity to delve into the excitement of mystery rewards and exclusive benefits. Chappyz NFT goes beyond the typical digital collectible; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where every NFT holder plays an essential role. We’re confident that this will redefine the NFT landscape, and we invite everyone to be part of this remarkable journey.”

In the spirit of inclusivity, the Chappyz mint is set at a nominal $8.80 protocol tax. This tax directly contributes to the Chappyz DAO treasury, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem where each NFT’s rewards are designed to cover the mint cost.

Save the date for October 24, 2023, and join Chappyz in a world where art, technology, and rewards converge to offer more than just ownership – an immersive experience in a thriving ecosystem.

About Chappyz
Chappyz is a web3 platform that connects communities and projects, allowing users to engage, collaborate, and earn rewards. Leveraging AI technology, Chappyz creates an inclusive and rewarding ecosystem for individuals by offering simple tasks, chat capabilities in communities, and the opportunity to earn rewards. Community owners can also set their own tasks and rewards using the Chappyz Protocol, which integrates with various social media platforms.

For more information, visit the Chappyz website, follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram group, or connect on Discord.

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