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Clarification on sharing false spot Bitcoin ETF news

by Harry Garcia

Title: Reflecting on Accountability and Responsible Journalism: A Lesson for Cointelegraph


Over the past decade, Cointelegraph has become a trusted source of news and insights for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. The recent incident, where false information about the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) was shared on social media without proper verification, has highlighted the importance of responsible journalism.

The impact of misinformation

On [date and time], misinformation regarding BlackRock’s iShares spot Bitcoin ETF approval was erroneously posted by Cointelegraph’s social media team on the [platform]. Although the false information was not published on their website, the incident underscores the potential consequences of spreading unverified news in the cryptocurrency space.

An unfortunate breakdown in processes

Cointelegraph’s internal investigation discovered that their standard procedure for posting breaking news on social media was not followed in this instance. The information was sourced from an unconfirmed screenshot by a user on the Bloomberg Terminal, which was shared on a Telegram channel frequented by Cointelegraph employees. Due to the urgency of publishing the development, the news was subsequently shared on social media without proper editorial approval and source verification.

The timeline of events

The breakdown in the process happened as follows:

– At [time], the editorial team learned about the rumored news through a Telegram channel used by Cointelegraph employees.
– At [time], an employee reposted the unverified information on an internal Slack channel.
– At [time], without confirming the veracity of the source with the editor, the report was published on social media.
– Shortly after, concerned readers reached out to Cointelegraph via various social media channels.
– Subsequently, Cointelegraph acknowledged the lack of source verification in an internal chat.
– Corrective action was taken promptly, and the post was edited to clarify the unconfirmed nature of the information.
– Cointelegraph contacted BlackRock and the Bloomberg Terminal to seek confirmation on the news and ultimately retracted the initial tweet.

Learning from the incident

To prevent similar incidents in the future, the Cointelegraph team is actively reviewing and auditing their social media management processes, particularly around the authentication of breaking news before publication. Conversations are being held with all employees involved, and structural changes will be implemented as necessary.

Acknowledging responsibility and commitment

Cointelegraph understands the gravity of their actions, as misinformation in the cryptocurrency community can have far-reaching effects. Emphasizing their commitment to the highest journalistic standards, Cointelegraph vows to learn from this mistake and ensure that responsible journalism continues to guide their reporting.


In an age where news spreads rapidly through social media platforms, it becomes crucial for media organizations to exercise caution and verify information before dissemination. The incident involving Cointelegraph serves as a reminder to all publishers about the impact and potential harm of unverified news. By strengthening their verification processes and upholding responsible journalism, Cointelegraph can rebuild trust within the cryptocurrency community and continue to deliver thoughtful, engaging, and impactful news in the future.

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