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Coins.ph, Kumu share app updates embracing Web3 on CoinGeek Backstage

by Sophie Smith

The world of Web3 is gaining more traction as people embrace the latest updates made to the Coins.ph app and the video-sharing platform Kumu. These updates are making it easier for users to buy digital currencies and access a wide variety of tokens.

During an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Jen Bilango, Coins.ph Country Manager, highlighted the relaunch of their app, which allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. She also mentioned that the token listing has been expanded, with new tokens being added every week. Previously, it took several months for new tokens to be listed on the platform.

Bilango also recognized the role of the gaming sector in driving the adoption of digital currencies in the Philippines. Coins.ph has incorporated a gaming center in their app, offering users the opportunity to play Web3 games.

Despite the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry, including exchange collapses and security breaches, Bilango believes that regulatory clarity has given investors and enthusiasts a sense of security and confidence. This has led to an uptick in new users of the Coins.ph app.

To further engage more people in the digital currency ecosystem, Coins.ph has implemented campaigns, including a referral program that incentivizes both old and new app users. With almost 70% to 80% of the population not involved in crypto yet, Coins.ph aims to share incentives and encourage more people to participate.

One of the most exciting announcements from Coins.ph is their upcoming partnership with merchants, which will allow users to buy real products and services using digital currencies.

In addition to Coins.ph, Kumu is also making significant strides in the digital space. James Rumohr, Kumu Co-founder and Chief of Staff, shared that the platform has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its moderation services to detect and filter out inappropriate content. This feature sets Kumu apart from other popular livestreaming apps.

Rumohr also mentioned the use of AI to identify and promote good content. By analyzing indicators such as the number of viewers, comments, and engagement, Kumu can identify talented streamers and help them create better content for their viewers.

In terms of blockchain, Kumu has developed apps like Ube, Type Kita, and Penlab that utilize the technology for payments. Rumohr mentioned that they are exploring the integration of blockchain into their apps and have plans for new developments in 2024.

Both Coins.ph and Kumu are paving the way for the adoption of Web3 in the Philippines. Their updates and innovations are making it easier for users to access digital currencies, play Web3 games, and create and consume content in a secure and engaging environment.

As more people embrace Web3, it is essential to have resources to understand blockchain technology. CoinGeek’s Blockchain for Beginners section provides a comprehensive guide for those new to the blockchain world, offering a deeper understanding of this transformative technology.

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