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Consensys Unveils MetaMask Snaps to Empower Web3 Customization

by Sophie Smith

Consensys, a leading blockchain software company, has made an exciting announcement about the launch of MetaMask Snaps. This new feature will allow users to customize their MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet like never before. Snaps are add-on tools and features developed by third-party creators that users can install directly in their wallets. Previously, all new features came solely from Consensys’ own developers.

By opening MetaMask’s development to external innovators, Snaps will enable users worldwide to shape their Web3 experience according to their unique needs. This move aligns with Consensys’ vision of permissionless innovation on open platforms like MetaMask.

The initial rollout of Snaps includes 34 pre-approved additions, including enhanced transaction insights, connectivity to non-EVM blockchains like Bitcoin, and wallet notifications. It’s worth highlighting that one Snap was built by a developer in Nigeria. In the long term, the goal for Consensys is to create a permissionless system where any Web3 developer can build and distribute Snaps for MetaMask’s over 100 million users. This will accelerate feature development far beyond what Consensys alone can deliver.

Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask, sees Snaps as a shift toward community-driven solutions for Web3’s toughest problems. By lowering barriers, Snaps can unlock new ideas and improvements in transaction safety, interoperability, and more.

Developers who create Snaps fully own their creations and build direct relationships with users, separate from MetaMask. This incentivizes innovation across Web3, not just on Ethereum, where MetaMask originated.

Consensys and MetaMask have big aspirations of onboarding one billion Web3 users. By enabling customized experiences through Snaps, they hope to eliminate adoption hurdles and keep up with the pace of global Web3 innovation.

Through discussions with over 150 developers worldwide, including those in growth regions like Nigeria, Consensys anticipates an influx of creative Snaps tailored to localized needs.

MetaMask Snaps represents a community-powered future for the leading Web3 wallet. As Consensys continues to champion permissionless blockchain innovation, Snaps will allow MetaMask to benefit from specialized expertise distributed across the global builder community. This development is a significant step forward in the widespread adoption and customization of cryptocurrency wallets.

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