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Consensys Unveils Pre-Accelerator Program, Consensys Fellowship, To Propel Web3 Founders and Decentralized Applications

by Sophie Smith

Consensys, the leading blockchain and web3 software company, has recently announced the launch of its pre-accelerator program called Consensys Fellowship. This program aims to provide support to early-stage web3 startups that often face challenges in terms of education, mentorship, and funding.

The Fellowship program is designed to help bridge the gap between startup ideas and the foundations of a fully operational business, product, tool, or application. Consensys will offer a 12-week program that includes guided workshops, weekly curricula, mentorship, and access to their extensive network. The goal is to accelerate up to 15 startups and provide them with the necessary resources and support to succeed.

In addition to the program itself, Consensys has partnered with Tachyon and ConsenSys Mesh to offer follow-on investments from a $1.5 million fund to Fellowship teams. This funding opportunity will further support the growth and development of these early-stage startups.

The Consensys Fellowship program focuses on three key verticals: extensibility, optimization, and scalability. Projects that leverage web3 technologies to drive extensibility within the ecosystem, streamline the development process, or contribute to the scalability and performance of Ethereum and EVM chains will be considered.

To provide mentorship and education to Fellowship teams, Consensys has received support from various community partners including SheFi, Bankless DAO, Open Zeppelin, SAFE, GitHub for Startups, Aave Companies, Polygon, Utopia Labs, and Gitcoin, among others. The program will also benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and subject matter experts such as Austin Griffith, Lindsey Winder, and Vanessa Grellet.

Furthermore, leading venture capital firms such as Algaé Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, Superscrypt, 1kx, Delphi Digital, OP Crypto, Bankless Ventures, P72, and ConsenSys Mesh will also contribute their expertise to the program.

The Consensys Fellowship program is set to commence on November 6th, 2023, and will culminate in an immersive IRL Demo Day on April 5th, 2024. In addition to mentorship and education, the 12-week program will consist of workshops hosted by industry leaders, dedicated mentorship hours, networking and education sessions with guest speakers and successful founders, and an IRL Demo Day where teams can present their projects to industry experts and executives.

Consensys is committed to supporting the web3 ecosystem by providing funding and support to web3 entrepreneurs at the early stages of their projects. By enabling these teams to develop new use-cases using their software suite, Consensys believes that this external innovation has the potential to significantly benefit the Ethereum community in the long run.

If you’re a web3 startup looking for support and resources, consider applying for the Consensys Fellowship program. With the opportunity to receive funding, mentorship, and access to a vast network of industry professionals, this program could be the catalyst that propels your startup to success.

To learn more about Consensys and their suite of products and solutions, visit their website at https://consensys.io/.

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