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Crescent FLIP: Redefining the Future of Options Trading in Web3

by Sophie Smith

Crescent Unveils FLIP: Revolutionizing Derivative Trading on the Web3 Platform

Cayman Islands, Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Crescent, a renowned name in Cosmos for bringing unique innovation, is proud to unveil FLIP, a revolutionary platform set to redefine the derivative trading landscape. With its rich legacy of options contracts dating back to 1920 and futures from 1697, Crescent’s FLIP is poised to usher in the next wave of trading evolution catered to the Web3 environment.

But why FLIP, and why now? The surge in popularity of options over futures since early 2021 has clearly shifted the market. Exchange-traded derivatives, particularly options, are experiencing unprecedented growth globally, with markets in India and the US taking the lead. However, there still exists a gap – the need for Web3 options trading for the true Degens (degenerates) of the world.

FLIP aims to bridge this chasm by offering a DeFi playground specifically tailored for degens. It turns the trading experience on its head, offering a departure from the monotony of the Web2 landscape. The platform’s mission is to provide a vibrant and exciting trading experience that appeals to the true degens in the trading community.

FLIP’s offerings include:

1. Multi-dimensional trading experience: Traders can adopt a variety of strategies beyond the traditional buy and sell approach, opening up new possibilities for profit.

2. Experience built for degens: FLIP focuses on fun, alpha, and simplicity, providing everything a degen desires but is currently missing in the Web2 landscape.

3. Gamified Trading UI: FLIP transforms every click into an exhilarating adventure, moving away from dull and repetitive trading interfaces.

4. Permissionless creation: FLIP offers permissionless product creation and multi-dimensional trading experiences. It also provides short-term duration products and smooth onboarding, making it accessible to everyone.

Fine-crafted by the B-Harvest and Crescent team, FLIP’s branding mantra, “Flip the bird at HODLERS,” epitomizes its revolutionary stance against mundane trading practices.

Connect with FLIP and stay updated with the latest news on the official site flipthebird.io and on Twitter at @CrescentFLIP. Don’t miss the keynote presentation at this year’s Cosmoverse!

What’s next for FLIP? The future looks promising, with the launch of its testnet and an electrifying trading competition slated for Q4. Get ready to FLIP your trading experience and dive into the limitless possibilities of Web3.

About Crescent FLIP:
Crescent FLIP is a pioneering platform introduced by Crescent, a distinguished innovator within the Cosmos ecosystem. It aims to reshape the derivative trading horizon in the Web3 space by bridging the rich history of options contracts and futures trading with modern-day Web3 infrastructure. FLIP is not just a trading platform; it’s a DeFi playground crafted meticulously for the true degens of the trading world. It offers a multi-dimensional, gamified trading experience that breaks away from the monotony of Web2. With its rebellious mantra, “Flip the bird at HODLERS,” FLIP invites traders to explore an exhilarating trading adventure. Connect with FLIP through the official site flipthebird.io and stay updated on Twitter at @CrescentFLIP.

Press Contact: tree@crescent.foundation

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