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Crypto Game Big Time Will Kickoff Its ‘Player-Owned Economy’ Soon

by Sophie Smith

Web3 role-playing adventure game Big Time is preparing for its official launch in early October after a year of testing. Unlike other crypto-centric games plagued by pay-to-win mechanics, Big Time aims to provide a free-to-play experience to its large community.

Developed by a team that includes the former CEO of Ethereum-based virtual world Decentraland and several former AAA game developers, Big Time introduces a “player-owned economy.” Players can engage in activities such as crafting, trading, and looting digital wearables and collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all driven by a native Big Time cryptocurrency. As they explore ancient civilizations and futuristic worlds, gamers can immerse themselves in an interactive and dynamic gaming experience.

Inevitably, some cryptocurrency-based games have encountered issues over time. For instance, Decentraland’s metaverse world has faced criticism for its lack of participation, while Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model has led to unintended consequences. However, Ari Meilich, the former CEO of Decentraland and founder of Big Time, believes his game has an advantage due to its strong community and the experienced team behind it. The Big Time community has already grown significantly, with over 350,000 people on Discord and a quarter-million on X (formerly Twitter). Additionally, the game has a signup list with over a million people, and direct sales have exceeded $80 million.

One key aspect that sets Big Time apart is its position as the most streamed PC web3 game on Twitch, with over 3000 streamers having played its pre-alpha version. The game’s success has also reached critical markets like Japan.

To avoid pitfalls experienced by other games, Big Time has carefully designed its economic incentives. The game’s native $BIGTIME tokens are not solely based on time spent playing; instead, they depend on players’ skill and strategic use of resources. This approach fosters a meritocratic in-game economy, emphasizing a balance between fun and profit.

Big Time’s full in-game economy, called “Preseason,” is set to launch in early October. With its strong community, innovative gameplay mechanics, and focus on user enjoyment, Big Time is poised to make a significant impact in the web3 gaming industry.

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