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Crypto gaming: success or failure?

by Abigail Bautista

The Rise and Fall of Axie Infinity: Lessons Learned in the Crypto Gaming Industry

In 2021, Axie Infinity, a blockchain gaming platform, was riding high on the wave of the crypto boom. However, its success was short-lived, and today it is regarded as a prime example of a failed blockchain-based video game. The once-promising game is now known for its exploitative nature and lackluster gameplay.

This turnaround in public perception highlights the challenges faced by the nascent crypto gaming industry. While blockchain technology offers opportunities for innovation, especially in the realm of in-game currencies and transferring digital artifacts, it has yet to win over mainstream gamers and build games that people actually want to play.

At a recent venture capital dinner during the Mainnet conference, even crypto investors acknowledged their disappointment in the sector. A respected investor in the gaming industry admitted that their bets on crypto gaming had not panned out as expected. Additionally, a crypto executive at hedge fund Brevan Howard stated that blockchain games are not yet ready for prime time.

Despite these setbacks, there is still hope for the future of crypto gaming. The potential for novel innovation exists within blockchain technology, but gaming executives must address two key factors: building games that appeal to ordinary gamers and gaining their trust. Blockchain games will only succeed if they can overcome the deep suspicion that many gamers have towards crypto.

It is important for crypto gaming executives to be realistic about the challenges they face. The development of hit games takes time, with most blockbuster games taking five years or more to develop. Recent signs indicate that some crypto firms are ready to dig in and create something of value.

Ultimately, the success of crypto gaming hinges on winning over ordinary gamers and demonstrating the potential of blockchain technology. Executives in the crypto sector must focus on building games that are enjoyable and compelling, while also addressing the concerns and skepticism of the gaming community.

In conclusion, while Axie Infinity serves as a cautionary tale for the crypto gaming industry, it does not signal the death of the industry itself. With the right approach, crypto gaming has the potential to become mainstream and offer unique experiences to gamers. However, it will require time, effort, and a shift in perception to make this vision a reality.

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