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Decentralized Perpetual Exchange GMX Adds Support for

by Sophie Smith

Bitget Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep Wallet, has partnered with GMX, a decentralized perpetual futures trading protocol, to integrate it as a recommended wallet for accessing the GMX platform. With this collaboration, users can now engage in on-chain spot and leveraged trading, as well as participate in staking and liquidity mining, by connecting their Bitget Wallet browser extension to the GMX front end.

Bitget Wallet has been providing wallet support services to GMX since February this year, including DApp integration, GMX token trading, and real-time candlestick charts. By serving the decentralized derivatives trading needs of users, Bitget Wallet has played a crucial role in introducing a diverse Web3 userbase to all that GMX has to offer.

Bitget Wallet has also collaborated with numerous prominent public blockchains and protocols, offering its browser extension services to a wide range of top-tier projects spanning DEX, metaverse, SocialFi, staking, and cross-chain bridges. Over the past year, the wallet has established strong working relationships with over a hundred projects and developers, resulting in joint airdrop events and ecosystem interaction campaigns.

Since its establishment in 2018, Bitget Wallet has become the preferred wallet for more than 12 million users worldwide. It has earned a reputation for its innovative products and reliable services. In addition, Bitget Wallet is currently the largest decentralized multi-chain wallet in Asia.

Bitget Wallet supports over 90 public chains and provides comprehensive services for token management and trading, real-time market data, NFT marketplaces, DApp interactions, and more. Its goal is to offer users a one-stop service for exploring the Web3 world, while also supporting high-quality mainnets and projects.

With its robust product ecosystem, exceptional user experience, and rapidly growing user base, Bitget Wallet is set to become a prominent contributor and player in the Web3 world.

About GMX, it is a permissionless spot and perpetual exchange live on the Arbitrum and Avalanche blockchains. Traders on GMX benefit from low fees, deep liquidity, reduced liquidation risks, and transparent pricing. The liquidity on GMX is user-contributed, with liquidity providers earning a majority of the fees generated by the protocol.

GMX has created a robust on-chain finance ecosystem with over 100 DeFi integrations since its launch. The recently launched GMX V2 offers new markets and faster execution speeds, further enhancing the on-chain trading experience.

To connect with GMX, users can visit gmx.io and follow them on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for updates and announcements.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Bitget Wallet and GMX provides users with enhanced access to decentralized perpetual futures trading and other features. Bitget Wallet’s reputation as a leading decentralized multi-chain wallet, combined with GMX’s robust on-chain finance ecosystem, strengthens the Web3 landscape and offers users a seamless trading experience.

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