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DeGameFi 2023 Recap: Embracing Regulation and Forming The Collective Vision of Web3 -October 18, 2023 at 03:55 am EDT

by Sophie Smith

Georgia has become a thriving hub for startups, exchanges, miners, and highly skilled developer teams in recent years. This is due to its relaxed regulations, tax-free zones, and a rich tech community. In 2023, the country made headlines once again with the opening of Binance’s Georgian blockchain center, Tether’s partnership with the local government for blockchain development, and Tbilisi ranking first in the number of Bitcoin ATMs per GDP.

In line with this momentum, Tbilisi’s Sheraton Metechi Palace hosted this year’s DeGameFi conference on October 7-8. DeGameFi is the largest Web3 event in the Caucasus region, attracting approximately 1,000 international visitors and over 60 speakers, including representatives from Mastercard, Polygon, Tether, and more. Attendees have praised the conference for its educational and networking opportunities, as well as the warm hospitality of the organizers.

The conference covered a wide range of topics related to Web3, including cybersecurity, venture capital strategies, digital asset integration, and GameFi sustainability. The speakers represented diverse backgrounds and expertise, with each bringing valuable insights to the discussions. Mastercard’s commitment to the crypto and blockchain space was reiterated by Oliver Silvey, Head of Crypto & Digital Assets.

During the conference, Tether and Polygon announced that CityPay.io, a leading cryptocurrency payment system in the region, would now support Tether transactions on the Polygon PoS network. This partnership marked a significant milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Regulation was a key topic of discussion at DeGameFi, with the general consensus being that regulations are necessary for mass adoption but should be enabling rather than restrictive. Participants emphasized the importance of finding the right balance between regulation and innovation to foster growth in the sector. Emre Yetiskin of WhiteBIT Türkiye highlighted the role of regulations in accessing the vast asset market and emphasized the need for regulated tools.

The conference also explored the relationship between future rewards, innovativeness, knowledge, and adoption in the context of Web3. Panel discussions and sessions addressed various issues, such as the real-world problems that Web3 can solve, the balance between transparency and anonymity, and the gaps in crypto education.

DeGameFi 2023 served as a platform for education, collaboration, and networking in the Web3 space. It attracted a diverse audience of developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts eager to learn about the latest trends and technologies. The event included keynote speeches, panel discussions, a start-up competition, dedicated areas, and networking opportunities.

Moving forward, the conference organizers and participants are committed to driving progress in the Web3 industry through education, innovation, and responsible regulation. By creating nurturing environments for innovation and addressing key questions, the aim is to continue advancing the adoption and understanding of Web3 technologies.

For more information about DeGameFi 2023 and future events, please visit their website or contact Ani Mildiani, the representative of DEGAMEFI.

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