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Didu x AD Milano, 8On8 x Asics, and Shang Xia NFTs

by Melai Briones

Paris Fashion Week has come to a close, marking the end of the Spring 2024 season of shows. Among the standout presentations was the futuristic and sexy label, Didu, which collaborated with Italian brand Add Milano to create a capsule collection of accessories. The collection included a bag, bomber jacket, coat, and skirt, adding an edgy and high-tech touch to Didu’s designs.

Another notable event was the reveal of Shang Xia’s Spring 2024 lookbook, even though the brand was not on this season’s fashion week schedule. Shang Xia also made its debut in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through a collaboration with Tmall’s Luxury pavilion. The brand released its first NFT collection, featuring a limited edition carbon-fiber Ming-style chair. This move reflects creative director Yang Li’s efforts to make Shang Xia more contemporary and appealing to a younger audience.

Looking back at London Fashion Week, 8On8 showcased another collaboration with Japanese sportswear label Asics. This collaboration has become a recurring partnership, with Asics targeting style-focused consumers through independent labels like 8On8. The collaboration between the two brands has resulted in improved brand recognition and expansion.

The fashion industry has shown confidence in the opportunities presented by NFTs, as seen in Shang Xia’s venture into the collectible space. While the NFT space was relatively quiet earlier this year, fashion brands have breathed new life into it during fashion month. This trend highlights fashion brands’ willingness to explore the intersection of fashion and technology.

Didu’s collaboration with Add Milano injects fresh creativity into both brands. Didu benefits from the financial support and artistic exploration of high-tech fabrics, which is Add Milano’s specialty. The collaboration’s avant-garde presentation of performance fabrics showcases the potential of athleisure in the luxury fashion market.

Asics’ continued partnership with 8On8 further solidifies its reputation in the mainland Chinese market. By collaborating with independent labels like 8On8, Asics targets style-conscious consumers and expands its reach beyond traditional sportswear. The partnership between Asics and 8On8 has led to increased brand recognition and success.

Overall, these collaborations and partnerships highlight the fashion industry’s willingness to embrace innovation and explore new avenues for creativity. From NFTs to high-tech fabrics, fashion brands are pushing boundaries and captivating consumers with their forward-thinking designs. As we move into the next fashion season, it will be exciting to see what other groundbreaking collaborations and trends emerge.

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