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Dr Disrespect bashes games industry’s focus on microtransactions—even though his game sold NFTs

by Melai Briones

In a recent stream, popular content creator Dr Disrespect expressed his disappointment with the current state of the gaming industry. He called out multiplayer developers and publishers for prioritizing microtransactions and cosmetics over fresh content. According to him, this shift in focus has led to the loss of the gaming culture that he grew up with.

Dr Disrespect argued that gaming companies are investing large sums of money on trailers for new cosmetic items, when that budget could be better spent on improving gameplay and adding core elements to a title. He emphasized the need to bring back the fun aspect and interaction of playing games.

However, the Doc faced criticism for his comments due to his previous involvement in the microtransaction scheme. His game, Deadrop, was primarily funded through NFTs and blockchain images, which caused financial losses for investors. The NFT movement has been plagued by fraud and oversaturation, and Dr Disrespect’s promotion and defense of it raised eyebrows.

Despite this criticism, Dr Disrespect’s concern about the state of the gaming industry is not unfounded. He believes that single-player games, particularly in the RPG genre, are thriving and carrying the industry. Games like Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 are examples of successful titles that focus on core gameplay rather than additional microtransactions.

While Dr Disrespect’s comments might seem hypocritical, considering his involvement with NFTs and microtransactions, it is worth acknowledging that the gaming community is constantly evolving. The future of microtransactions and skins in gaming remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear: a good game can still achieve success through word of mouth alone. The example of Baldur’s Gate 3 shows that with dedication and effort, other developers can also create profitable games without relying heavily on microtransactions.

In the end, the gaming industry will continue to evolve, and the trend of microtransactions and skins may expand or shrink. It is up to developers and players to shape the future of the industry. While Dr Disrespect’s criticism may ring true to some extent, it is important to address any perceived hypocrisy and continue working towards creating enjoyable and engaging games.

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