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e-Scooter Omni Dreams of a Future in Which Wearable NFTs Are the Ultimate Customization

by Melai Briones

Vehicles are not just means of transportation; they are an extension of our personality and style. Whether it’s a luxury car, a rusty bike, or a new electric scooter, customization plays a vital role in making it feel like “your” vehicle. The Omni, a concept electric scooter, takes personalization to a whole new level, targeting Generation Z, which is known for their expressive nature.

Designed by Yejin Lee, Junguk Cha, and Haesung Cho with support from BMW Designworks and RTFKT, the Omni aims to be the ultimate mobility solution for the creative and individualistic Gen-Z riders. It combines NFTs, phygital art, and the ability to turn the electric scooter into a canvas for displaying digital art. This innovative concept goes beyond traditional customization options like stickers or wraps.

The Omni allows users to express themselves and connect with others in both the physical and digital worlds. The scooter becomes a rolling work of art, projecting real-time imagery on its body, running board, and wheels. These customized themes, called Omni, can be created on the oversized dashboard and shared with others online. As these designs receive higher rankings from users, they become valuable NFTs, potentially becoming a form of currency.

The designers believe that connecting with like-minded riders through their creations would create a sense of community and foster real-life experiences. Gen-Z riders can indulge their creative urges while earning money from their designs. Similar to fashion shows, the designers envision holding “private shows” where the top-ranked Omni designs receive invitations. These shows would empower the connection within the Omni community.

While the concept of displaying NFTs on a scooter may seem ridiculous to some, it caters to the digital-savvy younger generation. NFTs, despite recent criticism, still hold value and are seen as the future of art. The Omni concept takes this novel artistic expression and brings it into everyday life.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the Omni is a hypothetical concept that may not be practical in real-life scenarios. The risk of theft and the potential high cost make it unrealistic for everyday use. Nevertheless, it offers an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of personalization and self-expression in urban mobility.

In conclusion, the Omni concept is an innovative attempt to cater to Generation Z’s expressive and individualistic nature. By combining NFTs, phygital art, and customization options on an electric scooter, it allows users to create and display their art in both the physical and digital worlds. While the concept may not be practical for everyday use, it offers a unique and valuable form of self-expression.

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