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Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist Give ‘VOIR DIRE’ Wide Release: Listen

by Melai Briones

Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist release joint album, VOIR DIRE, on NFT-backed streaming platform Gala Music.

In August, the highly praised rap artist Earl Sweatshirt and renowned producer the Alchemist surprised their fans with a joint album called VOIR DIRE. However, instead of opting for the traditional methods of album release, they took a unique approach by making the album exclusively available on the NFT-backed streaming platform, Gala Music.

For those unfamiliar with NFTs, they are non-fungible tokens that utilize blockchain technology to verify and authenticate digital assets, such as music, art, and videos. NFTs have gained significant attention and popularity in recent years, especially within the art world. However, their integration into the music industry is still relatively new and has sparked discussions among artists, fans, and industry professionals.

Releasing an album exclusively on a platform that operates on NFTs is an intriguing move. It raises questions about the accessibility and availability of music in an increasingly digital landscape. While some fans might enjoy the exclusivity and uniqueness of owning an NFT album, others may feel alienated by this approach.

Fortunately, for those who were hesitant to engage with the NFT-backed platform, VOIR DIRE is now available on all the usual streaming platforms. Fans can now listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and other popular streaming services. This decision to expand the album’s availability beyond the NFT-backed platform demonstrates the artists’ recognition of the importance of reaching a wider audience and ensuring that their music is accessible to all.

With its release on traditional streaming platforms, VOIR DIRE has gained even more attention and is now easily accessible to fans around the world. The album showcases Earl Sweatshirt’s lyrical prowess and the Alchemist’s masterful production, creating a must-listen experience for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The collaboration between Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist has been highly anticipated by fans, and their joint effort does not disappoint. The album delivers a unique blend of innovative beats, introspective lyricism, and raw storytelling. It serves as a testament to the artistic growth and talent of both artists, further solidifying their revered positions within the hip-hop community.

Whether you choose to experience VOIR DIRE on a traditional streaming platform or explore its original NFT-backed release, the album is undoubtedly a musical journey worth undertaking. Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist have once again demonstrated their ability to push artistic boundaries and deliver thought-provoking and captivating music.

For those who appreciate the intersection of technology and music, the NFT-backed release of VOIR DIRE serves as a unique exploration of the evolving landscape of the music industry. It opens up discussions about the future of music distribution and consumption and invites listeners to reflect on the potential impact of emerging technologies.

In conclusion, the release of VOIR DIRE on the NFT-backed streaming platform Gala Music and its subsequent availability on traditional streaming platforms marks a significant moment in the intersection of music and technology. Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist have captivated their audience once again, showcasing their artistic vision and pushing the boundaries of how music can be experienced in the digital age.

VOIR DIRE is now available for streaming on all major platforms, allowing fans worldwide to embark on a musical journey crafted by two iconic figures in the hip-hop industry. Whether through NFTs or traditional streaming, the album offers an immersive and compelling experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

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