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EigenPhi selects Google Cloud to Simplify Blockchain Transactions

by Abigail Bautista

EigenPhi, a token flow-oriented data platform, has made the decision to migrate its systems to Google Cloud. The platform chose Google Cloud due to its availability in most regions and its industry-leading availability and security features, which can simplify blockchain transactions.

EigenPhi has developed a market-leading transaction tool that offers MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) and liquidity on-chain data, as well as research that helps stakeholders in the decentralized finance (DeFi) community understand blockchain behaviors, structures, and affiliations that impact their interests.

One factor that influenced EigenPhi’s decision to migrate to Google Cloud is the massive amount of trading data processed for its website’s real-time tables and charts. The platform’s algorithms untangle dozens or even hundreds of transfers in a single blockchain transaction, requiring quick and reliable data processing capabilities.

To meet these demands, EigenPhi will leverage the data management and analytics tools provided by Google Cloud, such as BigQuery, Bigtable, and Cloud Spanner for data storage, and DataFlow and Pub/Sub for data streaming and processing. These tools offer the scalability and reliability needed to handle the large volume of data processed by EigenPhi.

Another advantage of migrating to Google Cloud is the expertise and support provided by the Google Cloud team. EigenPhi can rely on the guidance of Google Cloud experts in selecting the best migration tools and strategies. Additionally, EigenPhi will have the opportunity to showcase its platform at an upcoming conference, where it can gain early access to new Google Cloud features and releases.

The CEO of EigenPhi, Xianfeng (Mars) Cheng, emphasized the importance of focusing on analytical tools that measure MEV as the entry point of liquidity trading. He acknowledged the critical role played by Google Cloud in this regard.

This move by EigenPhi highlights the growing importance of cloud technology in the blockchain industry. By leveraging the scalability, security, and expertise provided by Google Cloud, EigenPhi aims to enhance its data platform and provide valuable insights to the DeFi community.

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