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Enterprise-Focused Blockchain Network Gains Warm Welcome in Regulatory and Corporate Circles

by Abigail Bautista

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, the XDC Network has emerged as a promising player, gaining widespread recognition and support from regulatory bodies and corporations alike. This wave of endorsement comes on the heels of a significant partnership between Fluent Finance, a leading blockchain and fintech development firm, and Impel, a company specializing in financial messaging and blockchain integration. The collaboration has set the stage for a new era of enterprise-focused blockchain solutions.

The XDC Network, tailored for enterprise-grade financial services, has garnered attention for its innovative approach and commitment to security and transparency. The network’s regulatory-forward stance provides an ideal environment for the integration of blockchain technology, particularly in the realm of stablecoins.

The crux of the partnership between Fluent Finance and Impel revolves around the introduction of the US+ stablecoin to the XDC Network. Known for its regulator-friendly design, US+ is set to make a profound impact on the digital currency landscape. It maintains a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. Dollar, offers real-time audits, and boasts backing by vetted federated banking partners. This unique approach addresses a critical challenge in the world of stablecoins, eliminating counter-party risk and creating a more secure and regulated ecosystem for digital currencies.

The partnership also signifies a major shift in how businesses conduct transactions. Fluent Finance’s federation of banks will play a pivotal role in minting and redeeming US+ on and off the XDC Network. This initiative is set to open doors for cross-border payments, international trade, and instant settlement, all underpinned by blockchain technology’s security and transparency.

The successful deployment of US+ smart contracts on the XDC Network serves as a proof of concept for this partnership. It underscores the collaborative spirit and smooth integration between Fluent Finance and Impel, promising a bright future for the stablecoin ecosystem.

Troy S. Wood, CEO and Founder of Impel, is equally enthusiastic about the partnership, citing Fluent’s strong management team and regulatory soundness as key factors contributing to its success. The XDC Network, designed specifically for enterprise-grade trade finance and payments, aligns perfectly with Impel’s mission to provide secure, stable, and efficient financial solutions. The ISO 20022 financial messaging API and the R3 Corda | XDC Network Bridge, which forms part of Impel’s offerings, provide innovative solutions for settling debt obligations on the blockchain, disrupting traditional methods.

Fluent Finance has shared exciting news as they join the UAE Ministry of Economy’s NextGen FDI program. This strategic move underscores Fluent’s commitment to advancing deposit token infrastructure in the UAE, a region known for its forward-looking approach to financial technology. The company expresses deep gratitude for the support received from His Excellency Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, recognizing the UAE’s vital role in fostering innovation and growth in the fintech sector. This marks a promising step toward realizing their vision for a more efficient and secure financial ecosystem in the UAE and beyond.

In addition to the blockchain and fintech industry, Fluent Finance’s inclusion in the UAE’s NextGen FDI program marks an important step in the broader adoption of blockchain technology. The company’s innovative approach to cross-border trade, facilitated by bank-issued cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, aligns with the UAE’s vision to embrace advanced technology tools in global supply chains. It also complements the UAE’s Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement program, aimed at achieving frictionless trade between the UAE and an increasing number of nations across the world.

In summary, the partnership between Fluent Finance and Impel, the adoption of the US+ stablecoin on the XDC Network, and Fluent’s inclusion in the UAE’s NextGen FDI program signify a bright future for enterprise-focused blockchain networks. This collaboration showcases the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the fintech and enterprise sectors, offering enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency, ultimately shaping the future of finance in the digital age.

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