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Ex-BTG Partners’ Investment Firm Buys Brazil Fund Manager

by Harry Garcia

Galapagos Capital, an investment firm led by former Banco BTG Pactual partners, has recently made a strategic move to acquire a Brazilian asset manager as part of its expansion plans in the fund offerings sector. The acquisition of Frontier Capital by Galapagos is expected to provide its clients with access to a range of investment opportunities.

Frontier Capital, responsible for managing approximately 42 million reais ($8.3 million) through two equity funds, possesses valuable expertise in the Brazilian market. By bringing their operations under the Galapagos umbrella, clients of the investment firm will benefit from an expanded range of investment options and increased diversification opportunities.

In an interview with Chief Investment Officer Fabio Guarda, he expressed his excitement over the acquisition. Guarda highlighted that the addition of Frontier Capital will strengthen Galapagos Capital’s ability to deliver top-quality investment solutions to its clients. The asset manager’s experience and track record in managing equity funds aligns well with Galapagos’s long-term growth strategy.

This acquisition comes at a time when Galapagos Capital aims to further establish its presence in the Brazilian investment landscape. As a former partner at Banco BTG Pactual, an esteemed financial institution in Latin America, Guarda brings extensive market knowledge and expertise to Galapagos. By leveraging his experience and the acquisition of Frontier Capital, Galapagos Capital has positioned itself for even greater success in the Brazilian market.

The expansion of Galapagos’s fund offerings is a strategic move in response to the growing demand for investment opportunities in Brazil. With a robust and dynamic economy, the country offers a wide range of investment possibilities across various sectors. By acquiring Frontier Capital, Galapagos Capital is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and provide its clients with a comprehensive range of investment options.

Furthermore, Galapagos’s acquisition of Frontier Capital demonstrates the firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and performance to its clients. By expanding its investment capabilities and diversifying its fund offerings, Galapagos Capital aims to position itself as a leader in the Brazilian investment management industry.

In conclusion, Galapagos Capital’s recent acquisition of Frontier Capital marks an important milestone in the firm’s expansion strategy. With this strategic move, Galapagos strengthens its position in the Brazilian market and enhances its ability to deliver top-tier investment products and services to its clients. As the firm continues to grow and adapt to the evolving investment landscape, Galapagos Capital remains committed to providing exceptional value and performance to its clients.

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