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Ex-SoftBank Exec Naheta Sets Up UAE Dirham-Backed Stablecoin DTR in Abu Dhabi

by Harry Garcia

Akshay Naheta, a former SoftBank Group Corp. executive known for his role in leading some of the firm’s most significant deals, is poised to make waves once again. This time, Naheta is venturing into the world of stablecoin technology by launching a new company in Abu Dhabi.

The 42-year-old financier has established DTR within Abu Dhabi’s international financial free zone. In pursuit of this venture, Naheta has partnered with Hong Kong-based DRAM Trust, an organization with ties to several high-net-worth individuals. Together, they aim to tap into the lucrative stablecoin market, which analysts at Bernstein predict will surge more than 20-fold to reach a staggering $2.8 trillion within the next five years.

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value by being pegged to a reserve asset, such as a fiat currency like the US dollar or a commodity like gold. This stability makes them an attractive alternative to other volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Stablecoins are gaining traction for their potential use as a medium of exchange and store of value, particularly in regions with volatile or unreliable fiat currencies.

Naheta’s decision to establish his new company in Abu Dhabi underscores the Gulf state’s growing prominence in the global cryptocurrency landscape. The emirate has been proactive in fostering an environment conducive to digital asset innovation and blockchain technology. It boasts favorable regulatory frameworks, robust infrastructure, and strategic collaborations with industry leaders, positioning itself as a hub for fintech and blockchain developments.

This collaboration between Naheta’s DTR and DRAM Trust presents an intriguing combination of talent and experience. Naheta, having previously led SoftBank’s Vision Fund investments in companies like WeWork and Oyo, brings a wealth of expertise in deal-making and strategic investments. DRAM Trust, on the other hand, possesses invaluable knowledge and connections within the high-net-worth individual community.

The expected exponential growth of the stablecoin market adds further weight to Naheta’s decision to enter this space. Stablecoins have gained considerable traction in recent years due to their potential to revolutionize the financial sector. As traditional financial institutions and regulators become increasingly interested in exploring digital currency solutions, stablecoins offer a bridge between the old and the new, providing stability and familiarity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

By establishing DTR in Abu Dhabi, Naheta is positioning his new company at the forefront of this transformative movement. The emirate’s strategic location, coupled with its progressive approach to digital assets and blockchain technology, provides an ideal ecosystem for nurturing stablecoin initiatives. It offers a unique opportunity for Naheta and his team to leverage the region’s substantial financial resources and talent pool while tapping into the growing demand for stablecoin solutions.

As the stablecoin market continues to expand and capture the attention of mainstream investors, entrepreneurs like Akshay Naheta are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on this significant growth opportunity. With his extensive experience and ambitious vision, Naheta’s foray into stablecoin technology could prove to be a formidable force within the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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