Home Blockchain Experience a groundbreaking release of NFT tickets in the CIS region for The Trends forum, in collaboration with VK NFT.

Experience a groundbreaking release of NFT tickets in the CIS region for The Trends forum, in collaboration with VK NFT.

by Melai Briones

Title: How NFT Technology is Transforming the World of Entertainment

The advent of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology has ushered in a revolutionary way to experience entertainment. Traditional tickets have taken on a whole new dimension, as event-goers can now own collectible digital art with deep meaning and historical significance. NFT tickets not only grant access to events but also offer valuable bonuses and perks. Let’s explore how NFT technology is transforming the world of entertainment.

NFT Ticket Collection: “The Eyes Of The Trends”:
Collaborating with VK NFT and SAS metagallery, The Trends forum has created a unique collection of NFT tickets that represent today’s key technological trends. By purchasing one of the 222 available NFT tickets, buyers receive a BUSINESS category ticket for The Trends forum and a unique NFT artwork from “The Eyes of the Trends” collection in their VK NFT app wallet. These NFTs not only grant access to the forum but also come with gifts from The Trends organizers and partners.

Exclusive NFT Rewards:
Among the 222 NFT ticket buyers, 10 lucky winners will receive a legendary NFT that offers premium forum privileges and unique prizes. These limited-edition NFTs encapsulate current technological trends and become individualized during the forum’s conclusion on November 15th.

The Trends Forum:
The Trends forum, scheduled for November 15-16 in Moscow, brings together visionaries, innovators, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and artists. The event aims to deepen our understanding of the shaping processes of our collective future. With two premium buildings hosting the business forum, exhibition, and after-party, attendees can immerse themselves in the exploration of upcoming decade trends.

Distinguished Speakers:
The forum boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including Mansour Tawafi (President, Validus), Evan Luthra (Crypto Entrepreneur), Alex Gajik (Co-founder, DAOPEOPLE), and many more. With over 50 opinion leaders present, The Trends promises a comprehensive experience for attendees.

Collaborations and Partnerships:
The event collaborates with partners such as VK NFT, Ingosstrakh JSC, The FinTech Association, AI Association AIRI, Mars DAO, and SAS meta gallery to enhance the forum experience. The collaboration with these industry leaders ensures a diverse and engaging program.

Media and Information Partners:
The main media and information partners for The Trends forum include Blockchain24, global PR-platform E-PR, Digital Ocean, VK NFT, and Pro Blockchain Media. Their involvement adds to the event’s credibility and enriches the attendees’ experience.

NFT technology has opened up new possibilities in the entertainment world, allowing event-goers to own unique and valuable digital art while also receiving exclusive perks. The Trends forum, with its collection of NFT tickets and impressive lineup of speakers, promises to be an engaging and enlightening event. This convergence of technology, art, and entertainment demonstrates the potential and growing significance of NFTs in shaping the future of entertainment.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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