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Ferrari to accept crypto payments in the US

by Harry Garcia

Ferrari, the renowned luxury sports car manufacturer, has announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for its vehicles in the United States. The decision comes in response to growing demand from customers, particularly among the younger, tech-savvy investor demographic. Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, confirmed the carmaker’s plans, citing market demand and dealer requests as the driving forces behind this move.

While the exact number of cars Ferrari expects to sell through cryptocurrency payments was not disclosed, Galliera did mention that the company’s order portfolio is already fully booked until 2025. With this new payment option, Ferrari aims to tap into an expanding market and connect with potential buyers beyond its traditional clientele. The luxury automaker intends to introduce cryptocurrency payments in Europe by the first quarter of 2024 and expand to other crypto-friendly regions thereafter.

To facilitate this initiative in the United States, Ferrari has collaborated with BitPay, a major cryptocurrency payment processor. This partnership enables customers to transact using popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and USD Coin (USDC). Galliera emphasized that there will be no additional fees or surcharges for using cryptocurrency, as BitPay will promptly convert the payments into conventional fiat currency for Ferrari’s dealers. This ensures that the dealers are shielded from any price fluctuations associated with cryptocurrencies.

In addition to facilitating transactions, BitPay will also verify the legitimacy of the digital currency used for payments. This process is designed to prevent any involvement with illicit activities, money laundering, or tax evasion.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by Ferrari is a significant development in the luxury car industry, as many large corporations have been hesitant to adopt cryptocurrencies due to their price volatility and transaction impracticality. For instance, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla initially started accepting payments in Bitcoin but later suspended this payment method due to environmental concerns raised by CEO Elon Musk.

Ferrari’s decision to embrace cryptocurrencies reflects the growing acceptance and mainstream adoption of digital currencies. As more companies follow suit, the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions may become increasingly prevalent. This development also highlights the need for regulation and safeguards to ensure the legitimacy of digital assets and protect against potential risks.

Overall, Ferrari’s acceptance of cryptocurrency payments represents a significant step for both the luxury car industry and the crypto ecosystem. It not only provides greater convenience and flexibility for customers but also demonstrates the increasing integration of digital currencies into mainstream commerce. As the market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how other luxury car brands and industries respond to this growing trend.

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