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“Fewoworld” NFT Drop by Fewocious: A Comprehensive Overview | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

by Melai Briones

Fewocious, a renowned artist in the NFT space, has recently unveiled a unique NFT collection called “Fewos”. This collection, which is aligned with the artist’s signature style, has created a wave of excitement and anticipation within the NFT community. With a total supply of 20,000 units, the Fewos NFT drop boasts innovative mechanics that promise to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Fewos design is a highlight of this NFT collection. Each Fewo is a random generative piece from the set of 20,000, ensuring that every piece is unique. While the base traits of the Fewo are fixed, collectors are given the freedom to accessorize their Fewos with various wearables and holdable items. This customization aspect adds another layer of excitement and personalization to the NFT collection.

The minting schedule for the Fewos NFT drop is organized over a five-day period, allowing for smooth and efficient operations. The process starts with a comprehensive snapshot on September 25th at 1 PM ET. During this snapshot, all wallets holding Paint Drops and FEWOCiOUS Art Pieces are recorded. Wallets that hold a Paint Drop during the snapshot will receive a free Fewo and its associated Flowers. The number of eligible Fewos for subsequent minting is then calculated on a wallet-to-wallet basis.

The Paint Holder Airdrop takes place on September 26th from 1 PM to 3 PM ET. Paint Holders will receive their first Fewo for free via airdrop, resulting in the creation of 7,305 Fewos. On September 27th from 12 PM to 10 PM ET, Paint Holders with a minimum of 10 Paint in their Drops can mint extra Fewos by exchanging Flowers. The exact number of eligible Fewos is calculated for each wallet.

On September 28th at 1 PM ET, FEWOCiOUS Art Holders can link their wallets to check their minting eligibility. The minting price for these holders is capped at 0.125 ETH. Following this, the public mint phase takes place on September 29th from 10 AM to 4 PM ET. This phase involves two sessions, one on Nifty Gateway and the other on the FewoWorld Website. The public can mint any number of Fewos at a maximum price of 0.4 ETH.

The reveal of the Fewos is eagerly awaited on October 2nd from 1 PM to 2 PM ET. This exciting event will finally showcase the unique pieces in all their glory. On October 5th from 1 PM to 3 PM ET, Flowers will be sent to the wallets used during minting as part of the Flower Airdrop.

It’s important to note that the exact pricing details for the mint are yet to be disclosed, but they will be revealed 10 business days prior to the event. Prices may be adjusted based on the remaining supply after preceding events.

The vast supply of 20,000 Fewos has raised some concerns among the community. There is a possibility that the NFTs may resemble other 3D profile pictures we have seen in the past. However, considering Fewocious’s established reputation and commendable artistry, many argue that the Fewos will hold their own value. Additionally, more than 7,000 Fewos will be available for free to Paint Holders, making the NFTs even more accessible.

If you are interested in exploring the Fewos NFT collection, you can visit OpenSea, where the collection has a floor price of .26E.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Fewos NFT collection by Fewocious has generated immense excitement within the NFT community. With its unique design and innovative mechanics, this collection promises to be a valuable addition to any collector’s portfolio. While the vast supply may affect pricing, strategic investments in Paint Drops could lead to long-term benefits.

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