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FTX customers who lost fortune are doubling down on crypto

by Harry Garcia

The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has left billions of dollars in customer and investor money tied up in an ongoing bankruptcy process. However, despite the losses, some individuals remain optimistic about the industry and are finding alternative means to reinvest in crypto.

Evan Luthra, an app developer and angel investor, stated that he lost $2 million in the collapse of FTX but still believes in the fundamental value of cryptocurrencies. He emphasized that the mistake was not with bitcoin or crypto itself, but rather with the specific exchange. Luthra remains bullish on bitcoin, predicting that its value will eventually surpass $100,000.

FTX, once one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, encountered financial turmoil resulting in its bankruptcy. Following the collapse, investigators discovered that $8.9 billion in customer assets were missing from the exchange. FTX’s founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, is facing seven criminal charges related to fraud and campaign finance violations.

Despite the lack of recovery for customers, many remain hopeful about the future of the industry. Customers like Jake Thacker, who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, still encourage others to invest in crypto. Thacker believes that his losses are a valuable lesson to learn from and advises potential investors to proceed with caution.

Bhagamshi Kannegundla, another FTX customer, sold his bankruptcy claim for a fraction of its value in order to reinvest in crypto. He acknowledges that this decision may seem unconventional but believes in the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies and technology.

Other industry figures, such as former FTX executive Brett Harrison and Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci, are also undeterred by the FTX collapse. Harrison aims to start a new company in the crypto space, while Scaramucci remains bullish on Web 3 technologies and the future of decentralized systems.

Overall, while the FTX bankruptcy process has tied up billions of dollars, it has not shattered faith in the crypto industry. Many individuals are still optimistic about the potential for growth and continue to find ways to reinvest in digital assets. However, caution is advised, and lessons from the FTX collapse should be heeded to prevent similar losses in the future.

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