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Fuul’s Web3 Affiliate Marketing Startup Enters Private Beta

by Sophie Smith

Fuul, a New York City-based startup, has recently emerged from stealth mode and entered into a private beta phase. The company’s focus lies in affiliate marketing for web3 brands and creators, utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

At the core of Fuul’s technology are smart contracts, which enable secure management of rewards and referral tracking on the blockchain. By leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain, Fuul aims to bring greater trust and efficiency to affiliate marketing.

One notable aspect of Fuul’s business model is its commission structure. In addition to earning affiliate commissions, the company also takes an 8% commission of its own. Currently, Fuul supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks, further showcasing its dedication to the blockchain ecosystem.

The startup has already gained recognition and support from prominent industry players. Notable endorsements come from Crypto Startup School by a16z and DCG Expeditions, who have backed Fuul. Additionally, Fuul has secured some seed financing to kickstart its operations.

Looking ahead, Fuul has ambitious plans for growth. The company aims to raise a seed fund, expand its team, and onboard more web3 builders. Furthermore, Fuul aspires to decentralize its protocol, offering even greater transparency and trust to its users.

In conclusion, Fuul’s entry into the private beta phase signifies an exciting development in the realm of affiliate marketing for web3 brands and creators. With its focus on blockchain technology and innovative commission model, Fuul aims to disrupt the industry and bring about a new era of transparency and efficiency. As the company continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how Fuul shapes the future of affiliate marketing in the web3 era.

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