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Generative AI Adoption and Web3, with Entrepreneurs from Bay Area

by Sophie Smith

San Francisco Tech Week 2023 recently hosted a roundtable conference co-sponsored by ServiceNow, Hedera Hashgraph, Inventus Law, and SupportVectors. The event, hosted by Orbis86 and Virtualness.io, brought together prominent entrepreneurs in Generative AI to shed light on the emerging landscape of GenAI and Web3, as well as the enterprise investment scene.

The esteemed panel of guests included Kirthiga Reddy, CEO and co-founder of Virtualness.io; Kamal Ahluwalia, president of Ikigai Labs; Amelia Lin, CEO and co-founder of Honeycomb; Alex Petrenko, CEO and co-founder of ZibraAI; and Vache Moroyan, SVP of Product and Design, and Product Marketing at Observe.ai.

The discussion revolved around the increased adoption of generative AI and its impact on various industries. Moroyan highlighted the challenges in allocating resources for Generative AI, mentioning that companies need to invest in dedicated teams to focus on this area. Reddy emphasized the importance of evaluating their own functions and progress in the journey towards AI integration.

Lin discussed how generative AI has improved content creation and accelerated their processes. Ahluwalia noted the changing attitudes towards AI and the growing interest in leveraging its potential. Moroyan shared his experience with using GenAI in sales, which resulted in significant increases in leads and calls.

The panel also highlighted diverse use-cases and applications of GenAI. Lin explained how their specialized model for baby photos has been a unique selling point. Ahluwalia discussed the technology used at Ikigai Labs, which is a low-code, no-code platform. Moroyan emphasized the impact of GenAI on contact center solutions, particularly in optimizing processes and increasing productivity.

Reddy spoke about Virtualness.io’s platform, which allows users to design and mint their digital collectibles with the use of GenAI. The discussion showcased how GenAI is transforming various industries and driving innovation.

Generative AI has become a prominent topic in the AI space, with discussions about its widespread acceptance and integration into Web3. While there are challenges to overcome, the overall sentiment in the market is focused on finding solutions and leveraging GenAI for industrial use-cases.

Disclaimer: The article is a transcription of an interview and does not represent the views or opinions of the writer. The interview aims to provide insights into the discussions held during the roundtable conference.

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