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Good Gaming Inc. and Coeus Solutions Forge Development Partnership for Web3-Integrated Mobile Idle Game Galactic Acres -October 05, 2023 at 08:13 am EDT

by Sophie Smith

Good Gaming Inc. has recently announced a development partnership with Coeus Solutions, a prominent mobile and web solutions provider. This strategic collaboration demonstrates Good Gaming’s commitment to delivering exceptional mobile games with innovative and connected experiences for the growing mobile and Web3 communities. By joining forces with Coeus Solutions, Good Gaming has assembled a formidable team of experienced game development experts.

Coeus Solutions, through its subsidiary Arcadia Studios, is renowned for its dedication to creating cross-platform gaming applications of the highest quality. With a team of over 250 full-stack development professionals spread across three continents, Coeus Solutions excels in tailoring web and mobile solutions to meet their clients’ unique requirements. In this development partnership, Good Gaming and Coeus Solutions are working together on the creation of Galactic Acres, the first installment in a series of Good Gaming mobile idle games. Galactic Acres aims to redefine the mobile gaming landscape by seamlessly integrating Web3 technology.

To maximize accessibility to a wide audience of mobile gaming enthusiasts, the Good Gaming/ViaOne Services collaboration will launch Galactic Acres as a pre-installed app for the Assist Wireless and enTouch Wireless customer bases. The game will initially be available for download on the Google Play Store, followed by the Apple App Store. Combining Good Gaming’s innovative ideas with Arcadia Studios’ expertise, Galactic Acres is expected to deliver immersive entertainment experiences.

In addition to traditional mobile game development services, Arcadia Studios will develop companion Web3 experiences for Galactic Acres. Leveraging their expertise in Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and Hyperledger platform development, Arcadia Studios aims to create engaging, secure, transparent, and unique immutable Web3 experiences for the Good Gaming community. The Galactic Acres Universe of games stands out in the market by integrating Web3 technologies across a series of games and intellectual properties. This integration will connect compelling storylines, exciting features, and functionality, including an integrated rewards tree, limited supply skin drops, and full ownership and monetization. The games will be developed with a fun-first design philosophy, seamlessly incorporating Web3 in a user-friendly manner.

To make this vision a reality, technologies such as ZK-rollups, account abstraction, and gas subsidization will be utilized. Additionally, for players of MicroBuddies, there will be an intrinsic connection between the mobile games and MicroBuddies, providing exclusive items and free drops. Good Gaming plans to continually enhance the MicroBuddies gaming experience, captivating and rewarding the player community through innovative and thrilling updates.

With the strategic partnership between Good Gaming Inc. and Coeus Solutions, the future of mobile gaming looks promising. By embracing Web3 technology and delivering world-class gaming experiences, Good Gaming is set to make a significant impact in the gaming industry. Players can look forward to engaging and immersive games that blur the boundaries between the digital and physical realms.

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