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‘Hoofster’ NFT-Backed Shoe Hits AVAVAV’s Milan Fashion Week Runway

by Melai Briones

The fashion industry is no stranger to innovation and pushing boundaries when it comes to design. During Milan Fashion Week, a unique shoe called the Hoofster made its debut on the AVAVAV runway, showcasing both crowdsourced design decisions and NFT functionality.

Created in partnership with Web3 design studio OnlyEver, the Hoofster is not your average shoe. It features a distinctive cloven-toed design with a faux-fur overlay, reminiscent of the hooves of a shaggy pony. What sets it apart is its integration with blockchain technology through an embedded near field communication (NFC) chip. This chip connects the shoe to its digital twin, which includes a certificate of ownership, design and co-creation details, and additional benefits that will be revealed as the project evolves.

The Hoofster was co-created with the AVAVAV community, allowing individuals to vote on various aspects of the shoe, from its structure to color and materials. This approach emphasizes the belief that the future of fashion lies in community and co-creation, challenging traditional norms and involving consumers in the design process.

OnlyEver, the newly launched arm of luxury Italian design and production company RubensLuciano, brings together physical production expertise with Web3 capabilities. This combination allows for seamless integration between digital and physical design, streamlining the realization of projects without the need for outsourcing. RubensLuciano has an impressive history in the footwear industry, having worked with renowned clients such as Versace, Birkenstock, Calvin Klein, and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park.

The Hoofster is currently available for presale on the OnlyEver website and will be made to order to combat issues of overproduction. Its price is set at €750 (about $795). By adopting this made-to-order model, AVAVAV aims to align with environmentally conscious practices and reduce waste in the fashion industry.

AVAVAV made waves at Milan Fashion Week with its unique and unconventional runway show. Models sprinted down the runway in scrappy-looking, unfinished outfits, creating what was described as “stress-induced chaos.” This display was a playful critique of the fast-paced and high-pressure nature of the fashion industry.

The integration of blockchain-linked NFC chips has gained popularity among fashion brands, including Dior and Adidas. However, a growing trend is emerging with brands embracing co-creation. Lacoste, for example, co-designed an apparel collection with its Web3 community, while Casio introduced a blockchain co-creation program linked to its G-Shock wristwatch line.

AVAVAV is no stranger to collaboration and innovation. In a previous collaboration with Amsterdam-based brand Yume Yume, they launched the Finger Flop, a sandal featuring a profile silhouette shaped like toes. This playful design is a twist on AVAVAV’s signature finger boots, reminiscent of rubber gloves for the feet. Similar to the Hoofster, the Finger Flop draws inspiration from Maison Margiela’s iconic Tabi boots, which take inspiration from traditional Japanese footwear.

With the Hoofster, AVAVAV and OnlyEver are pushing the boundaries of fashion by incorporating blockchain technology and involving the community in the design process. This partnership highlights the potential of NFTs and co-creation in shaping the future of the fashion industry. As more brands embrace these innovative approaches, fashion becomes a collaborative and inclusive space, blurring the lines between physical and digital design.

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