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Ibiza NXT 2023 – Heading toward a purpose-driven Web3 innovation journey – Cryptopolitan

by Sophie Smith

Ibiza NXT, the renowned blockchain conference, is returning for its third edition from October 4th to 6th on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Known as the ‘White Island,’ Ibiza is undergoing a transformation to become a blockchain hub focused on connectivity, scalability, and sustainability. This year’s conference will explore the convergence of purpose and technology, with a particular emphasis on Web3 and blockchain innovation and how it can impact various aspects of our lives.

The conference will delve deep into the evolution of Web3, with a focus on trends such as DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, the Metaverse, and more. However, it will also explore the intersection of blockchain with other technologies, such as AI, and its influence on topics like physical asset tokenization, sustainability, and daily life. Additionally, the conference will highlight the role of women in the industry, provide insights into career development in technology, and address the challenges that can arise when technology loses sight of its original purpose.

Ibiza NXT 2023 will feature a unique conference format, divided into morning and evening sessions. The morning sessions will include thought-provoking panels, talks on cutting-edge innovations and real-world use cases of Web3, and discussions on overcoming challenges for blockchain mass adoption. The evening sessions will offer a more intimate experience, featuring personal narratives from artists, entrepreneurs, and academics about their visions of the future and the impact of technology on their lives and communities.

The conference will take place at three main venues. The morning sessions will be held at The Hub.Ibiza, a community-focused space that connects creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives. The evening sessions on the 4th and 5th of October will be held at the Baluarte of Sant Pere, a UNESCO World Heritage site and historic fortress. The final evening session on the 6th of October will take place at the Ebusus Sociedad Cultural, an iconic Ibiza venue established in 1927.

Ibiza NXT 2023 is organized by Ibiza Token, the Ibiza Web3 ecosystem, in collaboration with the City of Ibiza, the University of the Balearic Islands, and the Federation of Small-Midsize Enterprises of Ibiza and Formentera. The conference is supported by various partners and collaborators, including Bankless DAO, Dexart, Travala.com, KlimaDAO, and more.

The conference lineup features a diverse array of speakers, including Bruce Sterling, the founder of the Cyberpunk movement, and Alex Nascimento, the Managing Director at 7CC Investments and co-founder of Blockchain at UCLA. The event will also include side events such as NFT art exhibitions, DJ sets, and live music performances.

Ibiza NXT 2023 offers free admission, but registration is required due to limited spots. To register and find more information about the conference, visit nxt.ibizatoken.com/#registration. For press inquiries, contact hello@ibizatoken.com. You can also follow Ibiza Token on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for updates.

Ibiza NXT is part of Ibiza Token’s efforts to educate citizens, companies, and institutions about the potential of new technologies. As Ibiza’s first Web3 ecosystem, Ibiza Token aims to promote local businesses, support the artistic scene, and enhance connectivity and sustainability on the island. With the success of previous editions, Ibiza NXT has become a significant event in the Web3 and blockchain calendar, attracting distinguished speakers and forming partnerships with organizations worldwide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Ibiza NXT 2023 and explore the exciting future powered by purpose-driven technology.

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