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Integritee AG unveils innovative cross-chain privacy solution | CryptoTvplus

by Abigail Bautista

Integritee AG Reveals Innovative Solution for Privacy-Preserving Cross-Chain Data Transfer

Integritee AG has unveiled an innovative solution for maintaining privacy and confidentiality when transferring information across different blockchain networks. Co-founder Alain Brenzikofer presented this groundbreaking technology at the Sub0 event by Polkadot, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the way sensitive data is handled in the blockchain ecosystem.

Traditional cross-chain solutions often link information between different chains, putting the anonymity and security of users at risk. However, Integritee AG has taken a different approach by focusing on unlinking rather than linking. This approach aims to ensure that user privacy is safeguarded even when transferring data between different blockchain networks.

During his presentation, Brenzikofer gave an example involving blockchain A, which stores an individual’s identity, and a social media platform operating on blockchain B. When the social media platform requires access to the person’s identity, there is a risk of transferring more information than necessary, compromising user privacy. Conventional approaches could inadvertently disclose more information than intended.

The solution offered by Integritee AG leverages the unique features of the Polkadot ecosystem, particularly the Cross-Chain Messaging (XCM) protocol, to ensure privacy. Instead of simply passing messages horizontally between chains, the company introduces a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that acts as a privacy-preserving bridge.

This is how it works: when a user initiates an action on blockchain A, providing their identity information and necessary proofs, the TEE processes this information confidentially. It then generates a storage proof and evaluates it on the target chain (blockchain B) without revealing the user’s identity. If the proof is valid, the TEE signs an extrinsic, granting the user personhood on the target chain.

The key differentiator of Integritee AG’s approach is the unlinkability of the process. Unlike traditional cross-chain methods that could lead to information leakage, this solution ensures that the user’s identity remains private throughout the process. This innovative solution is currently suitable for connecting Substrate-based chains.

The security of the TEE is ensured through Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology, which guarantees the confidential and integrity-driven execution of code. Integritee AG follows a rigorous process, including code auditing and remote attestation on its public chain, to ensure the security and trustworthiness of the TEE-based bridge.

In addition to presenting this groundbreaking technology, Integritee AG provides developers with the tools and infrastructure to build upon it. Its Sidechain SDK and Oracle framework empower developers to create second-layer solutions that ensure scalability, privacy, and interoperability. Moreover, Integritee AG offers a subscription service to rent Kubernetes clusters of TEEs, simplifying the process for those who require this technology without dealing with the complexities of managing the infrastructure themselves.

Integritee AG’s solution has the potential to significantly impact the advancement of cross-chain privacy. By ensuring unlinkability and leveraging TEEs, they have paved the way for more secure and private data transfer across blockchain networks. This technology opens up new possibilities for preserving privacy in an increasingly interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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