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Invest In The Future of Web3 With NFTpay

by Sophie Smith

Miami-based entrepreneur Mike Krilivsky is leading the way in reshaping the future of Web3 transactions and payment solutions through his groundbreaking startup, NFTpay. Recognizing the transformative power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Krilivsky aims to facilitate their seamless integration into our digital lives by providing an interface that easily connects NFTs with a widely accepted payment system.

NFTs have disrupted various industries, including art, entertainment, and gaming, by revolutionizing how ownership is perceived. However, for NFTs to reach their full potential, there needs to be a user-friendly payment infrastructure that can support their widespread adoption. This is precisely where NFTpay comes into play.

NFTpay, founded by Mike Krilivsky, is an NFT payment platform specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the crypto and NFT communities. Unlike traditional payment gateways, NFTpay offers instant fiat payment processing for NFT purchases, enabling anyone to acquire an NFT even without a defi wallet. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular NFT marketplaces, making it cost-effective for startups in the NFT space to sell their digital products to a wider audience. All users need is a credit card and an email address to transact using NFTpay.

By bridging the gap between the crypto and traditional payment worlds, NFTpay paves the way for new startups and creatives to access the thriving NFT market. In 2022, the NFT market transacted a staggering $61 billion, and it is projected to grow to a $40 trillion market by 2032. NFTpay is poised to grow exponentially alongside this market, having already experienced a 20x growth over the past few months. Its simplicity, ease of use, and efficient payment processing make it the favored checkout process for completing NFT transactions.

What sets NFTpay apart is not only its user-friendly interface but also its scalability. Implementing NFTpay requires just a few clicks of a mouse and one line of code, making it highly accessible and allowing virtually any website to securely process payments for their NFT products.

NFTpay has assembled a top-tier team to support Mike Krilivsky’s vision. With experts in payments, cryptography, and start-up entrepreneurship, the team brings a wealth of experience to the table. Notably, CTO Nick Fallon has 25 years of experience in the payments and cryptography world, while CPO Reza Handley-Namavar boasts a track record of successful start-ups and a billion-dollar exit with Tubi. Mat Poprocki, the CCO, adds 23 years of start-up and agency experience, including Quirky, which sold for $450 million. Furthermore, Chairman Ben Way, a former White House advisor, and founder of multiple payment processors, brings invaluable expertise.

For investors seeking to capitalize on the future of Web3 and the surging NFT market, NFTpay offers a limited opportunity to gain a first-mover advantage. As crypto and artificial intelligence continue to grow, the NFT market size and competition will increase, creating barriers for new startups. Investors can visit NFTpay’s official website to learn more about the company and explore investment opportunities.

NFTpay’s mission is to drive innovation and accessibility in the crypto and NFT space, ultimately shaping the future of Web3 transactions and payment solutions. With its seamless payment solutions and commitment to security and transparency, NFTpay is set to play a significant role in shaping tomorrow’s digital economy.

About NFTpay:
NFTpay, founded by Mike Krilivsky, is a pioneering start-up based in Miami, Florida, dedicated to providing seamless payment solutions for the Web3, crypto, and NFT industry. NFTpay’s mission is to drive innovation and accessibility in the crypto and NFT space, ultimately shaping the future of Web3 transactions and payment solutions.

For more information about NFTpay, please contact:
Eron S.
1000 Brickell Plaza #4806
Miami, FL 33131

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