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Ironblocks and KuCoin Community Chain Forge a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Blockchain Cybersecurity

by Abigail Bautista

Ironblocks and KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) Forge a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Blockchain Cybersecurity

Tel Aviv – October 9, 2023 – Ironblocks, a leading force in blockchain-native cybersecurity within the Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, proudly announces a strategic partnership with KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). This partnership will usher in a new era of fortified on-chain security and expedited value transfer across the decentralized world.

KCC, a dynamic decentralized public blockchain created by dedicated KuCoin enthusiasts, aims to overcome obstacles such as high costs and slow transaction processing times. The alliance with Ironblocks is driven by the desire to bolster the protection of KCC’s users and assets more robustly. Ironblocks’ revelation of a promptly patched vulnerability played a pivotal role in establishing this synergistic partnership. As KCC expands its project scope and Total Value Locked (TVL), it champions this alliance to strengthen its security infrastructure.

“We are delighted to work with KCC to provide them with our best-in-class transaction monitoring and theft protection platform,” said Ironblocks CEO and Co-Founder Or Dadosh. “Cyberthieves have already shown this year that they remain undeterred. The protocols that take proactive steps to protect their users are the ones that will rise as others fall.”

The convergence of Ironblocks’ expertise in real-time on-chain security and KCC’s decentralized financial framework marks a significant milestone in safeguarding digital assets and smart contracts from pervasive cyber threats. The combination of web3 security, immediate threat detection, prevention, scalability, and user-centric design offered by Ironblocks caters seamlessly to both decentralized and centralized financial entities. This ensures a robustly secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain infrastructure.

Leandre, a core member of KCC, stated, “KCC is committed to providing a secure on-chain environment for all users, and we believe the collaboration of KCC and Ironblocks will further enhance the security of our platform and better protect our users. Additionally, we have launched a series of initiatives to improve the development environment for builders on KCC, making it easier than ever to create innovative projects. We welcome all developers to join KCC and be a part of our growing ecosystem!”

Ironblocks’ exemplary security capabilities were recently demonstrated in an incident involving the Fuse Network. An attempted exploitation of the Fuse Bridge on August 24th, 2023, involving a net transaction of approximately $1.5M in USDC tokens, was thwarted in real-time by Ironblocks’ advanced preventive protocols. This further solidifies Ironblocks’ position as a linchpin in Web3 security.

About KuCoin Community Chain:

Launched on June 16, 2021, KCC is a decentralized public chain with high performance built by developer fans of KuCoin and KCS. Its purpose is to solve problems such as low performance and high cost of public chains and provide community users with a faster, more convenient, and less costly experience.

About Ironblocks:

Ironblocks is a beacon in Web3 cybersecurity, offering unparalleled protection in the decentralized domain. Founded by experts Or Dadosh and Assaf Eli, the company addresses the distinct vulnerabilities of blockchain with the aim of redefining Web3 security standards. Ironblocks employs real-time on-chain detection through its prevention-centric strategy, boasting an impressive accuracy rate. Powered by AI, their system proactively curbs malicious transactions. With the support of leading industry investors like Collider, ParaFi, Samsung Next, and Disruptive AI, Ironblocks is on a mission to safeguard the integrity of the Web3 space. The team consists of 15 leading cyber and blockchain specialists.

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