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Is crypto to blame for Hamas?

by Harry Garcia

The recent tragic events in Israel, where Hamas terrorists attacked and killed innocent civilians, have sparked a debate about the role of cryptocurrency in funding such operations. A report by the Wallet Street Journal claims that Hamas has received $41 million in crypto funds since mid-2021. This revelation has led to heated discussions, with some politicians denouncing crypto as a tool for terrorists, while crypto advocates argue that such narratives are distorted.

While it is true that blockchain technology offers new avenues for terror groups to receive funds, blaming crypto for the Hamas atrocities is misguided. The $42 million received by Hamas through crypto is relatively insignificant compared to the total amount of external funds flowing into the organization from sponsors of terror like Iran. Additionally, Hamas recently announced that it would stop fundraising Bitcoin due to the success of tracking these funds to its members. This highlights the fact that crypto is not an ideal tool for financing terrorism, as it is too easy to trace.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that if crypto did not exist, the funds would likely have been funneled to Hamas through other means, such as gold bars, shady bank accounts, or physical cash. The existence of crypto does not fundamentally change the nature of terrorist financing.

It is also worth noting that the Israeli crypto industry has been deeply affected by the recent events. Many crypto startups in Tel Aviv, who were on the verge of announcing significant funding rounds, have put these plans on hold as they focus on defending their country and dealing with the impact of the attacks. This demonstrates that crypto can be a force for good in Israeli society, and not just a tool for terrorists.

In conclusion, it is important to separate the actions of terrorist organizations like Hamas from the technology they may exploit. Blaming crypto for the atrocities in Israel is unfair and misguided. Instead, the focus should be on condemning and addressing the actions of the terrorists themselves. Crypto should not be vilified for the actions of a few, but rather recognized for its potential to bring positive change to society.

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