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Is WEB3 dead – Not according to the financial results of this startup

by Sophie Smith

The Rise of LootMogul in the Sports Technology Industry

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the world of WEB3, where companies have experienced both hype and bust, one startup has managed to thrive in the sports technology segment. LootMogul, an athlete-led sports technology platform, has found success by tapping into a niche market and offering real products and solutions to the community.

Over the past few years, the WEB3 industry, including NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets, experienced a boom followed by a sharp decline. Many of these assets were overvalued and lacked real-world value or connection to people, brands, or physical products. However, companies like LootMogul have managed to stay afloat and even flourish by providing tangible value to their customers.

LootMogul focuses on the sports technology sector, offering teams, players, fans, brands, stadium owners, and property owners a new way to monetize, entertain, and reward the community. By leveraging the power of blockchain, AI, and other innovative technologies, LootMogul has created a unique MOAT (Massive Online Athletic Tournament) in the world of Sports Metaverse.

“We at LootMogul are thrilled to publish our last 5 quarters of performance,” said Raj Rajkotia, CEO of LootMogul. “As a startup, it is critical to manage growth and costs while continuously evolving the product to find the right market fit. We thank all our investors, brand ambassadors, gaming partners, and sports agencies for helping us create this unique MOAT in the world of Sports Metaverse with real-world fan engagement.”

The intersection of real-world sports, e-commerce, and WEB3 gaming presents exciting opportunities for innovation, entertainment, and financial growth. LootMogul aims to elevate the growth of professional sports franchises worldwide through their cutting-edge blockchain and AI-driven WEB3 gaming and e-commerce solutions. This approach allows players, sports teams, merchandise, and intellectual property owners to seamlessly transition into the digital realm and capitalize on their existing brand value. At the same time, gamers and fans have the opportunity to collect loyalty rewards and experience live events within stadiums and sports bars. The sustainable business model created by LootMogul benefits all stakeholders, propelling the company toward exponential growth.

Kuntal Sampat, COO of LootMogul, expressed excitement about the future of the industry, stating, “As we venture deeper into the digital age, one of the most exciting frontiers is the intersection between real-world sports, e-commerce, and WEB3 gaming. LootMogul is spearheading the transformation of sports WEB3 gaming, and we have an exciting road ahead. Together, we are looking forward to shaping the future of this industry.”

LootMogul’s innovative approach has positioned them as leaders in the sports technology industry. They have created a platform that offers AI-powered multiplayer blockchain mini-games, e-commerce shops for brands, and digital collectibles with real-life rewards. With a focus on regenerative AI and in-real-life rewards, LootMogul stands out in the WEB3 gaming world.

About LootMogul:
LootMogul is an athlete-led sports technology platform that is powered by regenerative AI, multiplayer blockchain mini-games, e-commerce shops for brands, and digital collectibles with In-Real-Life rewards.

As LootMogul continues to shape the future of sports WEB3 gaming, their success story serves as an inspiration for other startups in the industry. With their constant innovation, dedication to real-world value, and commitment to their community, LootMogul is paving the way for a new era of sports technology.

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