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It’s Time To Excubate Blockchain Technology.

by Abigail Bautista

Blockchain technology has often faced criticism for being a solution in search of a problem. Many argue that traditional digital database solutions can effectively solve any problem that blockchain claims to address. However, the value of a new technology should not solely be determined by its ability to replace existing solutions.

Before the electric light was invented, people relied on kerosene lamps and candles. While these were functional, the introduction of electric light revolutionized the way we live. Similarly, blockchain technology may not be necessary for every business or industry at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable in the future.

When it comes to ledgers, it’s important to recognize that they exist within a larger social structure. For example, traditional ledgers in insurance companies or national banks are supported by a network of trust that includes clerks, presidents, accountants, auditors, and more. This network ensures the integrity of the ledger. Maintaining this network of trust is costly, and smaller institutions may not have the resources to afford such systems.

Blockchain technology has the potential to replace not only the ledgers themselves but also the social structures surrounding them. By leveraging blockchain, organizations can create an industrial-strength, low-cost deployment of ledgers. This means that even entities with fewer resources can have the same level of trust and security as major institutions like banks and land registries.

This shift towards blockchain technology enables commercial-grade bookkeeping for records and tokens on a massive scale and at a low cost. Individuals and organizations can create their own currencies or ledger books and manage them according to smart contracts. This allows for the creation of new products and services that were previously unimaginable.

Furthermore, blockchain technology will lead to the emergence of a standard protocol for information interchange. Just as protocols like SMTP, HTTP, POP3, and EDI have facilitated the development of the internet, a blockchain protocol will enable engineers to build applications using ready-made formats.

While it’s difficult to predict exactly how blockchain solutions will manifest, conferences and events in the industry provide glimpses into its potential. One such event is the Web3 Fest, which spans multiple industries and showcases how blockchain is being applied in each sector.

However, as we transition to blockchain solutions, it’s crucial to approach innovation with a fresh perspective. Instead of simply trying to replicate old systems, we should strive for more comprehensive overhauls. Bringing in individuals from outside the industry can offer valuable insights and help redesign processes in a more efficient and innovative way.

In conclusion, while blockchain technology may not be a necessity for every business or industry today, its potential to revolutionize various sectors cannot be underestimated. As more problems are identified and blockchain solutions are implemented, we will see an explosion of new applications and opportunities. It’s important to approach innovation with an open mind and leverage the full potential of blockchain technology.

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