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Jack Daniel’s, IW Group Honour Hip Hop with Spatial Metaverse

by Sophie Smith

Jack Daniel’s, the iconic whiskey brand, has recently launched its first virtual reality (VR) immersive experience called The Verse. The experience is part of the company’s Art, Beats + Lyrics program, which celebrates Black and diverse artists, creators, and musicians. The Verse is a cutting-edge immersive experience that combines emerging technologies to showcase the heritage of Black and diverse artists.

The launch of The Verse coincides with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and comes just ahead of Black History month in the United Kingdom. The experience features a performance from critically acclaimed fusion band Phony Ppl and includes a virtual museum with creations from legendary photographer Polo Silk, visual artist Marryam Moma, and painter Tim Okamura.

The Verse can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and VR headsets, allowing fans to enjoy the immersive experience wherever they are. By leveraging emerging technologies like VR, Jack Daniel’s aims to expand its brand awareness and presence while remaining true to its core values of authenticity and passion.

In an interview with XR Today, Keenan Harris, Brand Director of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, and Telly Wong, Chief Content Officer of marketing agency IW Group, discussed the collaboration between the two companies and the vision behind The Verse. They expressed their desire to celebrate the history of hip-hop and urban art while also embracing new technologies like Web3 and the Metaverse.

According to Harris, Web3 provides artists with new tools for creative expression, and Jack Daniel’s wants to meet its consumers where they already are. Wong added that Web3 and the Metaverse allow brands to think globally and culturally, creating unique opportunities for international brands like Jack Daniel’s.

The Verse incorporates various Web3 technologies, including AI creative platforms like Midjourney and Dall-E, as well as the Spatial platform and Unity SDK for creating a visually stunning and immersive virtual space. The experience also utilizes an AI-powered motion capture system and over 100 video, music, and sound effects to enhance immersion.

Looking to the future, both Harris and Wong believe that XR has immense potential in advertising. They see XR as the next frontier, similar to how social media transformed the industry. To fully realize this potential, brands and agencies need to fully embrace and invest in XR as part of a holistic marketing strategy.

Overall, The Verse represents Jack Daniel’s commitment to innovation and its willingness to meet consumers in both the physical and digital worlds. By embracing Web3 and XR technologies, the brand hopes to engage tech-forward consumers and build a global brand community.

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