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Just how bullish is the Bitcoin halving for BTC price? Experts debate

by Harry Garcia

Are Bitcoin Halving Price Cycles Bullshit?

The recent panel discussion at the Swan Pacific Bitcoin festival titled “Are halving price cycles bullshit?” sparked interest among Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors. The panel of experts including the host and founder of Bitcoin Layer, Nik Bhatia, Marathon Digital CEO Fred Thiel, Swan CIO Ralph Zagury, and Swan product manager Andy Edstrom shared their thoughts on whether the Bitcoin halving is truly a bullish event or just another narrative that novice investors buy into.

The conventional belief in the cryptocurrency space is that the Bitcoin supply halving is a bullish phenomenon that, when complete, is followed by a near parabolic upside in the BTC price. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are excited about the upcoming halving event, considering it as one of the most significant factors for Bitcoin’s future price movement.

However, the panelists questioned this long-held belief and explored whether the halving is truly the main driver of the Bitcoin price. Fred Thiel suggested that liquidity is the current key driver, while Ralph Zagury added that flow is what really drives the market, implying that the halving does not directly impact the price. In contrast, Andy Edstrom argued that the halving is still bullish and influences the price to some extent.

While the panelists agreed that the halving may have some impact on the market, they also acknowledged that its significance might be diminishing over time. Nik Bhatia pointed out that the halving affects supply but does not affect demand, making it less material as time goes on. However, he also recognized the psychological aspect of the halving and its potential impact on market sentiment.

The discussion also touched on the role of derivatives and their impact on Bitcoin’s price discovery. Ralph Zagury highlighted the challenge of finding patterns and correlations in Bitcoin price movements, as the asset class often moves sideways or downward for extended periods. He acknowledged that being a long-term holder could be extremely difficult given these historical dynamics.

Ultimately, the panel concluded that liquidity would be the primary catalyst for Bitcoin’s future price movement. Ralph Zagury expressed optimism, suggesting that liquidity has been drawing down, and a significant move could be imminent. Andy Edstrom pointed to several factors, such as rising U.S. Treasury yields and potential bank failures, which could lead to a Federal Reserve pivot back to quantitative easing and increased liquidity.

While questioning long-held assertions and price expectations for Bitcoin is essential, it is worth noting that speculation and psychological factors play a significant role in investing. The panel discussion provided valuable insights and perspectives, encouraging investors to conduct their own research and critically analyze the various narratives surrounding Bitcoin and its future price trajectory.

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