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KHANAIRES LLC, Winner of 2023 Dubai Crypto Expo Most Innovative NFT Project

by Melai Briones

The 2023 Dubai Crypto Expo recently took place, attracting participants from 38 countries and showcasing over 200 global projects. Among the firms present at the event was Khanaires, a South Korean company specializing in securitizing tangible and intangible assets. Khanaires announced its new registration in Dubai and introduced a new concept called ‘Prosumeller’ at the Expo.

While most people are familiar with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Khanaires introduced the concept of Non-Fungible Warrants (NFWs). NFTs are unique digital assets, and NFWs are similar but focus specifically on the warrant function that is inherent in all NFTs but rarely utilized. NFWs allow for the buying and selling of intellectual property with copyright security within the framework of the ‘Prosumeller’ economic theory. Unlike other NFTs, the profitability of NFWs is supported by the patents and copyrights owned by Khanzzang, the founder of Khanaires. This unique feature allows NFW holders to receive special types of royalties that were previously unheard of in the market.

Another concept introduced by Khanaires is SEMI-DEFI, which addresses the security issues that have been raised by decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. DeFi platforms use smart contracts to enable peer-to-peer transactions and allow for the exchange of tokens. However, these platforms have faced scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the SEC. Khanaires aims to address these concerns through its NFW product, which focuses not only on transactions but also on the dividends generated by copyright and patent royalties connected to their products. Khanaires’ main service, Khanteum, is an app where users can upload their talents and receive sponsorship through a currency called PUSH, which is recharged by the platform’s viewers. SEMI-DEFI allows only national fiat currencies to be traded on this platform, ensuring compliance with regulations and taxation laws.

In South Korea, Khanaires has been successfully crowdsourcing the voting process for its products through social media channels. Since 2018, Khanaires has generated over $65 million USD in added value and income for its members by utilizing the Prosumeller economic model, where consumers act as producers and share in the profits of the products they create. Khanaires has been able to pay all value-added and income taxes without issues, setting an example for the SEMI-DEFI concept.

On the final day of the 2023 Dubai Crypto Expo, Khanaires was awarded the ‘Best Innovative NFT Marketplace’ prize for its achievement in implementing the SEMI-DEFI concept and its successful operation in South Korea.

Overall, Khanaires is revolutionizing the NFT and DeFi markets with its Prosumeller economic theory and SEMI-DEFI concept. Its unique approach and focus on copyright and patent royalties set it apart from other players in the industry. As Khanaires expands its reach globally, it aims to introduce the world to the potential of NFWs and reshape the way intellectual property is bought and sold.

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