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Ledger Partners for Free Wallets for Sotheby’s NFT Collector

by Melai Briones

Sotheby’s, a leading auction house in the NFT space, has teamed up with cryptocurrency wallet maker Ledger to offer premium digital art collectors a secure way to store their assets. This partnership aims to address the rising demand for secure digital ownership in the art world.

Ledger is known for producing hardware wallets that provide a safe and convenient way to store digital currencies. These wallets come with unique features that ensure the security of the stored assets. With the collaboration, Ledger will offer limited-edition Ledger Nano X wallets to Sotheby’s digital art collectors for free for 12 months. The range of options available includes the Ledger Nano X priced at $149 and the Ledger Stax at $279.

By providing these wallets, Sotheby’s and Ledger aim to cater to the needs of both new and existing digital art collectors. These wallets not only offer the security required for managing digital assets but also contribute to creating a seamless experience for collectors and artists in the emerging world of digital ownership.

Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, emphasized the role of digital ownership in bringing new collectors and artists together. He stated, “Just as we provide easy-to-use tools without compromising security or self-custody in the world of crypto, Ledger is here to support all digital art collectors on every chain.”

In addition to providing the wallets, Ledger will educate Sotheby’s collectors on how to effectively use these wallets and manage their digital assets. This educational material will cover topics related to Web3, enabling collectors to gain a better understanding of the blockchain technology that underpins NFTs and digital ownership.

The collaboration between Ledger and Sotheby’s is notable as it marks the first time the two entities are working together. While Sotheby’s has been involved in the sale of NFTs for some time, concerns have recently arisen due to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. By partnering with Ledger, Sotheby’s aims to address these concerns and provide a more secure and reliable experience for its collectors.

With the rapid growth of the NFT market, the importance of secure storage solutions for digital assets cannot be overstated. The collaboration between Sotheby’s and Ledger represents a significant step in meeting the evolving needs of digital art collectors and ensuring the long-term viability of the NFT space.

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