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Logic Jets partners with Triple-A to enable cryptocurrency payments

by Harry Garcia

Singapore-based private jet company, Logic Jets, has announced a new partnership with digital currency payment institution, Triple-A, to facilitate cryptocurrency payments. The move reflects Logic Jets’ dedication to offering personalized private jet charter services for both business and leisure travelers, with customers now able to settle their bills using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and USD Coin.

As one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency payments in the private jet charter sector, Logic Jets is positioning itself at the forefront of payment technology. By collaborating with Triple-A, the company aims to ensure a seamless travel experience for its clients by integrating cryptocurrencies into its payment options.

Triple-A provides Logic Jets with the advantages of cryptocurrency payments, such as next-day bank settlements, without exposure to market volatility. This partnership enables Logic Jets to focus on delivering exceptional service without interruption.

Officials from Logic Jets have expressed their enthusiasm for this venture, highlighting that customer demand for alternative payment options prompted their decision to partner with Triple-A. They are excited to meet these requests and believe that this partnership will enhance the customer experience within the aviation industry.

Representatives from Triple-A emphasized the security, speed, and user-friendliness of their white-label cryptocurrency payment solutions. They see this collaboration as an opportunity to further enhance the customer experience within the aviation industry.

Logic Jets’ cryptocurrency payment option is now available to customers in Europe, the USA, and Singapore.

About Logic Jets and Triple-A:
Logic Jets specializes in creating customized charter solutions to meet the travel needs of its clients. Leveraging market knowledge, an extensive international network, and online tools, Logic Jets collaborates with carefully selected and audited global business aircraft operators to prioritize safety while offering a boutique-style customer experience.

Triple-A, as a licensed crypto payment gateway, aims to empower businesses to embrace cryptocurrency payments and tap into the growing user base of cryptocurrency users. Their white-label crypto payment solutions enable businesses from various industries to leverage the benefits of the crypto market without exposure to volatility risks or the complexities of handling digital currencies.

In a separate partnership, Singapore-based Apple premium reseller, iStudio, also joined forces with Triple-A to enable customers to pay for Apple products using cryptocurrency. By accepting crypto payments through Triple-A, iStudio aimed to expand its reach to a fast-growing community of tech-savvy buyers, while also benefiting from lower transaction fees and eliminating the risk of chargeback fraud.

Overall, Logic Jets’ collaboration with Triple-A represents a step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments within the private jet charter sector, offering customers greater flexibility and convenience.

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