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Louis Vuitton launches Discord server with exclusive content for NFT holders

by Melai Briones

Louis Vuitton has recently launched its Discord server as part of its Web3 strategy, aiming to strengthen its connection with online communities, particularly its NFT holders. The luxury fashion brand’s Discord server will serve as a chatroom with multiple threads, including one for general conversation and another that focuses on the innovation currently available on the platform. Moreover, the server features new chrome Louis Vuitton emojis adorned with the brand’s iconic house emblems, enhancing the interactive experience for members.

One of the noteworthy aspects of the Louis Vuitton Discord server is the exclusive content offered to its members. Certain conversations and discussions will only be accessible to those who hold NFTs from the brand’s Via NFT project. This initiative aims to engage and involve the Via NFT community in the development of new ideas while contributing to the NFT experience. This move demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s commitment to fostering a sense of exclusivity and building strong relationships with its NFT holders, as reported by Vogue Business.

The Via NFT project was introduced in June, featuring a Treasure Trunk token that was exclusively available to selected private sale participants. These participants were granted access to a unique journey where they could collect a series of digital keys to unlock collectibles. The first of these collectibles is an orange monogram duffle bag, which was unveiled during Pharrell Williams’s debut men’s runway show as the brand’s creative director.

Louis Vuitton is not the only luxury fashion brand to explore Discord as a means of engaging with its audience. Gucci and Prada have already established their presence on the platform. However, Louis Vuitton’s strategy differentiates itself by incorporating token-gated channels in its Discord server. This approach, according to Matt Maher, founder of M7, benefits both the brand and consumer communications. It enhances the exclusivity factor and encourages meaningful conversations within the community.

While Louis Vuitton ventures into Web3 solutions, it is also mindful of attracting customers to its physical and online stores. Recently, the brand named Felix Lee, a member of the Korean boy band Stray Kids, as its latest house ambassador. By leveraging Lee’s unique creative energy, Louis Vuitton aims to captivate global audiences and further strengthen its brand image.

In conclusion, Louis Vuitton’s launch of a Discord server marks another step in its Web3 strategy. With a focus on NFT holders, the brand aims to foster stronger connections within its online communities. By offering exclusive content and token-gated channels, Louis Vuitton is creating a unique and interactive space for its members. As the luxury fashion industry explores the possibilities of Web3, Louis Vuitton continues to be at the forefront, bridging the gap between its physical and digital presence.

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