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Man to face trial for alleged £8m Bitcoin theft

by Harry Garcia

A man from County Down is set to face trial after being accused of an international, multimillion-pound cryptocurrency fraud. Jawad Yaqub, aged 45, from Ben Vista Park in Holywood, pleaded not guilty to all 25 charges against him at Downpatrick Crown Court on Thursday. The charges relate to the alleged theft of 397.504 Bitcoin belonging to Razormind Ltd, which, at current market value, would be worth over £8 million.

The prosecution alleges that Yaqub, who was a director in Razormind Ltd, conducted his business with the fraudulent purpose of defrauding participants in the DeOS crowd sale, which involved a decentralised operating system. He faces 19 charges of converting criminal property, along with four counts of fraud by false representation, fraudulent trading, and theft.

According to the charges, Yaqub claimed that Razormind Ltd was a world-leading information technology services company that provided a wide range of services to various clients, including corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. The alleged clients listed by Yaqub include prominent organizations such as the Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Chubb, Deutsche Lufthansa, and Telefonica O2.

Furthermore, Yaqub is said to have falsely claimed that he obtained an M.Phil and PhD from Queen’s University Belfast. These misrepresentations form part of the fraud charges against him.

Following the arraignment, defense counsel Eilish McDermott informed the court that efforts to instruct a computer expert would continue without delaying the trial date. Both the defense and prosecution are currently working together to “narrow the issues” ahead of the trial, which has been scheduled for 4 March next year by Judge Geoffrey Millar.

During the proceedings, Mr. Yaqub was granted bail, and the judge stated that he would review the case’s progress on 17 November to ensure it was moving forward.

The case against Jawad Yaqub highlights the increasing prevalence of cryptocurrency-related crimes. As digital currencies gain more mainstream acceptance and value, criminals are finding new ways to exploit others for financial gain. It is crucial for individuals and businesses to be vigilant when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions and to exercise caution when dealing with unknown entities or investment opportunities.

Cryptocurrency fraud cases pose unique challenges for authorities due to the decentralized and often anonymous nature of these transactions. As a result, it is essential for regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies to continue to adapt and develop effective tools and strategies to combat these crimes.

The trial of Jawad Yaqub will undoubtedly shed light on the intricacies of the case and provide further insight into the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency fraud. It is a test for the legal system to ensure that justice is served and that individuals involved in fraudulent activities are held accountable for their actions.

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